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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 275

Chapter 275 Benjamin, Remember to Go Home!

Early in the morning, Everest woke Benjamin up as she sat on him.

As he opened his eyes, he found a tea-colored curly-haired bundle on top of him, yelling, "Daddy, I need to go to the bathroom!"

Benjamin shielded his eyes!

He really didn't want to get up, but this was his own child!

He had to sit up and help the little one out of the one-piece pajamas while asking, "Where's your mommy?"

Everest's eyes sparkled. "Mommy's making breakfast for Everest!"

Making breakfast...

Did the Clark family need a housewife?

Was she really so diligent?

Benjamin got a bit distracted, and with his unskilled movements, by the time he regained his focus, Everest had already cried... The crotch of the pajamas was warm.

A few warm drops had fallen on him.

Everest looked embarrassed!

Her once-white and tender face was now wrinkled, and she seemed very upset.

Madelyn came up from downstairs, a bit surprised to see that Everest had wet herself. But she quickly embraced the child and comforted her gently, and with her mother's tenderness, the little one squirmed a bit uncomfortably but stopped crying.

Madelyn fetched clean clothes for her.

Everest promptly took off her clothes, revealing her small body and big head.

She was really cute...

Benjamin raised his leg and sat up, saying, "She can undress herself, so why should I do it for her? Otherwise, she won't wet herself!"

Madelyn remained silent for a while before speaking, "You used to take care of her until she was three years old. She knew how to do many things, but she hasn't seen you for many days, and she misses you and wants to be spoiled..."

But Benjamin had forgotten...

He not only forgot to love her, but also how to care for Everest.

After Madelyn finished speaking, she went into the bathroom to prepare a bath for Everest. When she came out, she tidied up the bed and the floor.

Benjamin silently watched Madelyn.

She looked like a typical homemaker, very gentle and soft. He thought that if he desired marriage, he should easily accept her!

But he didn't like married life.

He felt it was constraining!

Benjamin wiped himself clean, changed into new clothes in the dressing room, and after finishing his morning routine, he slowly went downstairs.

Downstairs, Alexander sneakily glanced at his son.

"Oh, he's dressed like an elite, but he really gets on my nerves!" Alexander thought.

And then he looked at the two soft and tender little babies, and he couldn't help but adore them...

Everest put on a pretty dress and sat at the dining table, trying hard to eat her food. When she saw Benjamin coming downstairs, she was quite accommodating, "I forgive you for what happened just now!"

Benjamin didn't know what to say.

Everest shook her head and said, "I'm willing to give you a chance to make amends!"

Benjamin sat down next to her, grabbed a cup of coffee, and took a sip. "How do I make amends?"

"Take me to kindergarten!"

"But both Mommy and Daddy have to go."

Benjamin looked at Madelyn next to him and lowered his voice, "Did you teach her this?"

Madelyn was a bit annoyed.

She straightforwardly admitted, "Yes! You can choose not to go!"

Benjamin smiled. "Since you are so calculated, how can I not satisfy you?" He then lightly teased her soft and tender cheek!

So soft, so tender!

He felt that the best thing about this marriage was that she fit perfectly with his aesthetics!

Alexander watched his son's frivolous behavior and got angry. "Mind your manners when you speak, and don't be handsy! Madelyn is your legally wedded wife, not some random woman. Show some respect!"

Benjamin just smiled faintly.

He didn't argue back and, instead, kindly dropped off Everest at kindergarten and even graciously drove Madelyn back to the villa.

But he didn't go inside!

Madelyn wasn't foolish.

She didn't expect him to return to family life all at once. She remembered that in the past, he had a wild private life. While he didn't engage in promiscuous relationships, he wasn't a man who couldn't let loose in social settings!

Madelyn got out of the car...

Benjamin remained in the car, rolled down the window, and lit a cigarette.

Madelyn asked softly, "Are you coming home tonight?"

Benjamin leaned on the car window, took a slow drag of his cigarette, and smiled lightly at her question. "If I don't come home, will you go and tell my dad to force us to sleep in the same bed again?"

Madelyn tilted her head slightly-


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