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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 277

Chapter 277 Madelyn's Transformation

In the VIP ward, everything was harmonious.

Madelyn's eyes were moist.

Only Eloise noticed, and she felt sad. Eloise made up an excuse to go outside and get some fresh air.

Unexpectedly, she ran into Kenneth outside.

Kenneth was in Vadiff for a meeting, and as soon as the meeting ended, he took a private jet and came specifically to see Madelyn and little Francis!

At the door, he saw Eloise.

He hadn't seen her in a long time, and although he was usually busy, he realized how much he missed her when he saw her now. He saw her eyes were teary and couldn't help but speak more gently, "What's wrong? Didn't the child come out fine?"

With that, he handed a gift to Kaleb, the secretary. "You go see Madelyn and the child first."

Kaleb nodded, knowing that it was rare for them to meet. She went in.

Kenneth pulled Eloise aside into an empty and secure corridor, closing the green iron door. He gently removed her hand covering her eyes. "You're all grown up. Why do you always cry?"

"You don't need to worry about it!"

Eloise turned away, her eyes red.

Kenneth smiled and took out a cigarette, lighting it and taking a slow drag. "Let me guess, is it because of Madelyn?"

Eloise was upset that he had figured it out, but even more upset in general.

After all, there was someone who understood her, but not Madelyn!

In the past few months, this was the first time Eloise was nice to Kenneth . She even cried in front of this man she despised, "Everyone thinks Madelyn is happy, but I know she isn't! Benjamin is back, but he doesn't remember Madelyn, and yet she loves him so much!"

If it wasn't love, if it wasn't attachment...

Which woman could endure her husband's neglect?

Kenneth quietly smoked his cigarette.

He knew everything that Eloise had said, but what could he do?

Madelyn and Ben had so much history, they had once loved each other so deeply, and anyone who knew about it couldn't bear to see Madelyn give up... including Kenneth.

He felt sorry for Madelyn; from beginning to end, everything related to Eleanor was not her fault.

Benjamin had only done what a husband should do.

However, Madelyn would have to repay it with her entire life!

Kenneth tilted his head slightly, a glimmer in his eye.

He thought of his own sister, Madeline, and thought of himself. He thought of Madelyn... the children of the Ryan family seemed destined for difficult love lives.


When Kenneth entered the hospital room, Benjamin sent his parents away.

In the hospital room, besides Madelyn, there was only Kaleb, who smiled and said, "Mr. Ryan is here!"

Madelyn remembered.

Kenneth quickly stopped her, saying, "Why are you getting up? Aren't you afraid of the pain?"

He was always concerned about her, patting her head and asking about the childbirth.

Madelyn smiled faintly. "I'm fine! It's much easier than giving birth to Everest!"

These words made Kenneth even more uncomfortable, and he casually played with little Francis for a while, saying nonchalantly, "If you're not happy here, you can come back to Vadiff for a while! Grandma is not in good health and can't take a plane, but she's eagerly waiting for you and the two children day and night!"

Madelyn understood his intention and looked at little Francis, saying softly, "I'll go back in a while!"

Kenneth gave a faint smile, not insisting.

Just then, Benjamin returned with Everest after seeing off his parents.

Everest immediately clung to Kenneth and asked to be held.

Kenneth usually doted on her the most. When it came to the children in the family, no one could compete with Everest for attention.

He intentionally picked up Everest and said to the secretary, "Let's two old men learn how to take care of children. Come on, let's take Everest outside for a walk!" He wanted the couple to have some time together.

Everest happily clung to Kenneth's neck...

Kenneth let her ride on his shoulders and left.

The hospital room returned to tranquility. Madelyn gently pulled up the blanket and smiled. "With all the comings and goings, I'm a bit tired. I'll take a nap!"

Benjamin looked at her and thought about what Kenneth had said earlier.

He had more or less guessed that in this relationship, Madelyn felt wronged.

However, after several months of being together, neither of them was willing to broach deeper topics. After all, she was attached to this marriage.

As for him, he slowly realized that this marriage was more beneficial than detrimental to him.

Madelyn fell asleep.

He sat on the sofa, quietly watching her with a pensive expression.

Just as he seemed lost in thought, Francis woke up!

The healthy baby boy cried loudly, and his little face turned red from crying.

Madelyn naturally woke up, watching the little guy and softly saying to Benjamin, "He's probably hungry! Bring him over, and I'll feed him."

Benjamin gazed deeply into her eyes.

He gently picked up the baby and placed him in Madelyn's arms, but he didn't leave.

Francis was Madelyn's second child, but this was her first time nursing a newborn. Her movements were a bit awkward as she unbuttoned her clothes and carefully adjusted Francis so he could feed.

The baby eagerly latched on and started suckling.

Benjamin casually touched his son's hair and let his gaze linger on Madelyn's body. He nonchalantly commented, "Your waist seems so slender right after giving birth."

Her body was simply tempting!

Benjamin hadn't touched her in almost two months, and now he couldn't help but feel some desires stirring. Madelyn was focused on feeding the baby and didn't notice his unusual behavior.

Francis made a "popping" sound.

Benjamin's gaze grew even deeper...

Francis was especially well-behaved, and after finishing the feeding, he fell asleep.

Madelyn wanted to fasten her clothes, but her other side was a bit painful, probably due to engorgement. She wanted to express some milk to relieve the discomfort, but with Benjamin beside her, she felt embarrassed to do so.

Early in the morning, Benjamin was still asleep on the sofa.

Madelyn felt much more relaxed, so she supported herself against the wall and walked to the bathroom, unfastening her clothes.

This was her first time doing such a thing, and she was a bit nervous and fumbling...

The bathroom door was gently closed.

Benjamin hugged her from behind, kissed the soft flesh behind her ear, and murmured, "I'll do it!"

Madelyn was startled.


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