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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Mrs. Clark Had a Really Wild Time

The next morning.

In the dining room, there were only Benjamin and Madelyn.

The servant smiled and said, "Monsieur Clark and Madame Clark have taken the children out!"

Benjamin knew that his parents wanted to give him and Madelyn some alone time, so he took that. He then said to Madelyn, "There's a concert at 2 o'clock this afternoon. After you finish feeding Fran, would you like to go with me?"

Madelyn was quietly having her meal.

After a moment, she replied softly, "I want to stay at home."

Benjamin looked at her face and said, "The snow has stopped outside. Don't you want to go out and have a look?"

"Not really," she replied.

Benjamin felt hurt by her cold response.

He was born loaded and had always been noble and proud, never having been snubbed by any woman.

Except this one!

He felt a fleeting sense of embarrassment and chose not to press the matter further, planning to go upstairs and take a look at his case later.

Just as he was about to get up, his phone rang.

It was a call from Charlotte.

Benjamin hesitated for a while, glanced at Madelyn, and then hung up the call.

His phone rang again.

He hung up again and said to Madelyn in a low voice, "I won't contact her anymore as long as I'm sure she's not in a life-threatening situation!"

Madelyn put down her knife and fork and looked at him calmly. "Why isn't she on your backlist? You just couldn't bear to blacklist her, could you?"


"Benjamin, this time she lay down at the bottom of a mountain. Next time, she might jump off a building. If you don't answer her calls, she'll get her classmates to be her messengers, and then you'll say that's a human life again!"

Madelyn chuckled softly. "It will never end!"

She couldn't be bothered to say more and got up to go back to her bedroom to read for a while.

At noon, she didn't dine with him.

In the afternoon, she practiced yoga in the basement, which made her entire body glisten with sweat.

Benjamin stood at the door, holding Madelyn's phone. "You have a call!"

Madelyn was stretching her legs, and upon hearing that, she walked over and said thanks.

She glanced at the screen and saw that it was Vivian.

Vivian had heard about what had happened to Madelyn and wanted to invite her out to relax.

Madelyn was a bit lazy and didn't really want to go out.

Vivian was leaning against her husband Grayson's shoulder, lightly caressing his prominent nose, and exclaimed, "They're all our old friends! You're the one who's been the most successful among us now. You have tens of billions in assets and you have two children... Come on, we have a mysterious guest coming!"

Madelyn couldn't help but laugh, "Who's that big shot?"

Vivian refused to reveal anything.

Madelyn wiped her sweat with a towel and agreed, "Alright! Is it the same club as before?"

"Yep," Vivian quipped and then added in a low voice, "Dress up nicely. It'll definitely be worth it!"

Madelyn couldn't help but smile.

Having a friend like Vivian by her side for so many years was quite nice.

She hung up the phone, feeling in a good mood.

However, Benjamin was livid. Although he couldn't hear the voice over the phone clearly, he could more or less guess that it was probably related to socializing.

He leaned against the treadmill, saying unhappily, "I invited you to a concert with me, and you said you didn't have time. But when Vivian asks you to go out for fun, you're available now! I'm going with you!"

Madelyn continued running, responding casually, "Vivian didn't invite you!"

"You can take me with you!"

Madelyn just smiled as her way of refusing.

Benjamin stared at her for a few seconds, then turned and left.

Mr. Clark had his temper after all.


At 7 o'clock in the evening, Madelyn headed out.

Benjamin abruptly opened the bedroom door and fixed his gaze on her.

She was wearing a golden sequined dress with slender straps.

She wasn't wearing stockings, and her fair legs were slender and straight with a faint pearl-like sheen.

She draped a fur coat over her shoulders and put on a pair of high-heeled shoes in a near-matching color.

Madelyn looked especially alluring tonight.

Benjamin's Adam's apple bobbed slightly and he said in a husky and low voice, "I'll drive you!"

"No, thanks. Henry is already waiting!"

"Are you sure you want to dress like that for your gathering? Madelyn, you have a husband!"


Madelyn lowered her eyes and smiled lightly.

Husband? Did he really see her as a wife...

In his heart, she was nothing more than a good bed partner, or the perfect daughter-in-law for the Clark family. There was no love between them.

She turned and left without hesitation.

As she got into the car, Henry couldn't help but praise her, "Mrs. Clark, you look absolutely stunning tonight!"

Madelyn was absent-minded. "It's just for socializing!"

Half an hour later, they arrived at the Orchid Club.

Madelyn pushed open the door of the small banquet hall. Just as Vivian had said, there were indeed many old friends here.

It was a perfect place for relaxation and entertainment!

Madelyn was in a good mood. She took off her coat and leaned back on the couch in the corner, chatting with Vivian.

Although she was low-key, everyone around couldn't help but keep their gaze fixed on her.

They were exclaiming how wealthy she was!

And they had heard about what Charlotte did, whispering about Madelyn and Benjamin's marriage...

Vivian had also heard about Charlotte and leaned in close to Madelyn, speaking softly, "Why don't we just... deal with her?"

In the luxurious dim light, Madelyn swirled her goblet.

The golden champagne inside swayed gently along with the goblet...

Madelyn brushed a strand of chestnut hair behind her ear and smiled, "Let's wait for her to come out of the hospital!"

At that moment, the atmosphere was just perfect...


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