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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 299

Chapter 299 You Have Changed a Lot

Madelyn hurried to the nursery. Francis was sick. She was distressed to see his face turn red because of the high fever. She quickly changed her clothes and said to the servant, "Get the car ready. We will immediately go to the hospital!"

Seeing her panicked, Benjamin held her hand and said, "It will take at least half an hour for the driver to arrive here. I'll send you to the hospital!"

Then, he picked up Francis.

He was tall and could easily hold the child. Madelyn quickly followed behind him.

The night was cold.

She soon opened the backseat door and got in. When Benjamin carefully handed Francis to her, she raised her head and met his eyes.

He whispered, "Madelyn, I know you are disappointed in me! But Everest and Francis are my children. I also love them!"

Madelyn's eyes slightly turned moist, but she didn't say anything, thinking they could not quarrel at such a time, no matter what.

The black car ran fast at night, so they arrived at the hospital half an hour later.

After an examination, the doctor diagnosed Francis with acute pneumonia. It was not a severe illness, but he would be hospitalized for a week.

After being put on a drip, the several-month-old child suffered a lot, so he cried so severely that his face turned red. Madelyn felt distressed.

Late at night, Francis's body temperature finally dropped. Madelyn sat on the edge of the hospital bed and gently touched his little face. She felt guilty because moving house once after another was not good for his health.

Benjamin stood in front of the window and quietly looked at her.

He had always regarded her as a member of the opposite sex. But now, she was a fragile mother who only cared about their son.

Benjamin couldn't help walking over. He gently stroked her long hair and let her rest on his belly. Madelyn was too tired, so she didn't break free and even lightly closed her eyes. However, the tenderness lasted for only ten seconds. Then, she pushed him away.

Benjamin hoarsely said, "Get some sleep! I'll look after him!"

Madelyn nodded but could not fall asleep. She went to the bathroom, wetted a towel with warm water, and gently wiped Francis's body. Then, she returned to the bathroom to wash the towel.

Benjamin stood behind her and asked in a muffled voice, "How did we get along in the past?"

Madelyn paused as she hung the towel. She knew him too well. His behavior tonight and question showed he wanted to return to his family. So, she calmly replied, "It's meaningless to ask about it now!"

Benjamin touched her shoulder and whispered, "Madelyn, can you tell me?"

Madelyn smiled, "You are not him!"

She gently pushed him away and seriously continued, "Benjamin, we are divorced! Apart from the children's matters, we have nothing to do with each other. Don't flirt with me. Please leave here tomorrow morning!"

Benjamin was frustrated. Under the dim light, he looked at her and softly said, "Francis is also my son!"

He wanted to be a good father, so he spent the next few days in the hospital.

Francis was getting much better and would be discharged from the hospital the day after tomorrow.

Madelyn sat in the ward and read the documents for a while. When she looked up, Benjamin was feeding Francis milk. After several days of practice, he was skilled now. Holding Francis's chubby little body in his arms, he showed a gentle expression.

Seeing this, Madelyn remembered he had also treated Everest so tenderly before losing his memory. So, she felt sad. And the corners of her eyes became slightly moist.

When Benjamin raised his eyes, he happened to see this.

Madelyn whispered, "I'm going to buy coffee!"

Then, she stood up and gathered her Dior shawl.

Benjamin didn't stop her because he could see she was missing her "Benjamin."


Madelyn breathed a sigh of relief when she walked out of the inpatient department. There was a Starbucks on the first floor. She ordered a cup of coffee, sat down, held it in her hand, and slowly enjoyed it. She had not expected to meet Charlotte and Jackson here.

Jackson looked impatient. He had just slept with Charlotte a few times. But she nagged him, made a scene, and insisted on meeting him!

He asked with a cigarette between his fingers, "What's up? Are you short of money again?"

Charlotte gently handed a pregnancy test sheet to him and whispered, "Don't get me wrong, Mr. Mason. I'm pregnant!"

Jackson sneered, "Don't fool me! I used condoms every time!"

Charlotte lowered her eyes and said, "After we were done the first time, you suddenly wanted more. So, we..."

Jackson remembered it. But he knew she had gotten pregnant on purpose because she had not taken the pills. So, he felt annoyed and gruffly said, "I'll give you money! Abort it!"


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