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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 302

Chapter 302 You Are Actually Obedient Sometimes

Madelyn picked up the clothes and handed them to Kenneth.

Kenneth also knew it wasn't suitable for Eloise if the servants saw him like this.

He went back to his guest room first.

Madelyn walked slowly towards Eloise and let out a sigh. "You're quite famous as a model now. You should change your childish temper, or how will you intimidate people outside?"

Eloise's eyes were moist.

She pulled Madelyn into the bedroom.

Madelyn gently closed the door.

She was shocked by the scene inside the bedroom; it seemed like a wild fight had occurred there.

The cosmetics on the dressing table were scattered on the floor.

The bedsheets were crumpled beyond recognition.

Madelyn said nothing; she opened the window for some fresh air!

Eloise feared that Madelyn would get angry and whispered, "Don't be mad!"

Madelyn felt both angry and amused.

This was something she shouldn't interfere with. She vaguely said, "Just think of it as a free service! Well, Uncle has a good physique!"

Eloise's face turned red.

She really couldn't believe how bold Madelyn was!

Just as she was about to speak, someone stood at the doorway, and nobody knew how much he had heard.

It was Benjamin.

He had obviously just woken up, wearing a comfortable casual outfit.

Madelyn was quite surprised; she had thought he had been staying in an apartment or villa these days, but she didn't expect him to live here still.

Following her gaze, Benjamin looked at himself.

He said leisurely, "If I'm living at home, there are people to testify that I am pure as jade!"

This statement had a teasing undertone!

Madelyn walked out.

Eloise's bedroom was too messy, and she didn't want Benjamin to see it. After all, he was a man.

But she had to pay a price. As soon as she went out, he pressed her against the wall. He lowered his head and leaned into her neck, his warm breath brushing against her tender earlobe. "Do you want it for free?"

Madelyn pushed her hands against his chest and said with restraint, "Stop harassing me all the time!"

Benjamin's gaze was deep.

He was a normal man; she had brought herself over so early in the morning. He didn't want to appear abnormal!

But he suppressed his desire.

His slender fingers gently caressed her red lips as he asked, "Are you planning to attend the premiere? Who will you walk the red carpet with?"

"I haven't decided yet!"

"I'll also go. Will you go with me?"


Madelyn turned her face away. "It's not appropriate!"

How could divorced couples walk the red carpet together?

He insisted on knowing her plans, and Madelyn deliberately provoked him. "I'll go with Joseph!"

Benjamin was so angry that he nibbled on her neck. "How dare you!"

Madelyn had nothing to be afraid of!

Just as she was about to anger him further, she caught sight of Kenneth. She cleared her throat and said, "Let's discuss it in the study!"

Benjamin also noticed him.

He gave a cold smile and said, "You're quite willing to sacrifice yourself!"

While saying so, they arrived at the study. Benjamin lit a cigarette and smoked it leisurely.

Madelyn felt that something was in his mind.

Now that they were divorced, they had to carefully choose their words when discussing many things, unlike before when they could say whatever they wanted. So, she hesitated for a moment before asking, "Did Uncle tell you something?"

Benjamin held the cigarette between his slender fingers, looking casual and pleasing to the eye. After a while, he squinted at her and flicked off some ash from the cigarette. "Do you know Stanley?"

Of course, Madelyn knew Stanley.

He was Eleanor's ex-husband.

Why did Benjamin bring him up?


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