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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 309

Chapter 309 Don't Cry

He spoke with tenderness in his voice.

Madelyn's face felt hot. "Don't say that. I'm not your wife!"

Inside the car was a faint scent of alcohol emanating from the man.

Benjamin leaned back in his seat and reached out to gently hold her hand, finding the diamond ring on her finger. He whispered, "You're still wearing the ring. If you're not my wife, then whose wife are you?"

Madelyn couldn't find words to refute him.

Benjamin turned his head slightly, his gaze gentle.

When she was well-behaved, she truly appeared soft.

His voice became hoarse. "Now, consider me considered half of your Ben, okay?"

Half of Ben? What a shameless person he is!

Madelyn's face grew hot, but he leaned closer and rested his entire weight on her shoulders. "Madelyn, I don't believe you're not moved."

Madelyn was indeed moved.

But she always felt that something was off.

He suddenly remembered something, which caught her off guard.

Benjamin held her chestnut-colored hair and lightly tilted her neck, kissing her. He was warm and hot, with the taste of rich red wine lingering on his lips, mixed with his unique masculine scent.

Inside the car were sounds of passionate breaths and their tender kisses.

The driver in front even dared not make a sound.

After a while, Benjamin released her, only resting his forehead against hers. He looked at her tenderly, enjoying her docile obedience.

Madelyn was trembling uncontrollably.

She nestled in his arms, and soon, his chest became damp and warm, which was quite uncomfortable.

She cried.

"Benjamin, are you really back?"

"Do you know how much I missed you!"

Benjamin whispered gently, "Don't cry, Madelyn! I will slowly remember everything between us!"

Suddenly, she reached out and pounded him a few times.

Even though she felt uneasy, she couldn't resist this moment with Benjamin.

They arrived at the hotel.

He escorted her to her room, both unwilling to say more words as if they hadn't been intimate for a long time.

As Madelyn swiped her keycard, someone embraced her from behind.

He caressed her slender waist and leaned on her back, chuckling softly, "You are still working out, huh? Your waist is as slim and tight as a young girl's."

Madelyn knew what he wanted.

But it was too sudden. She was afraid that she would face a pair of unfamiliar eyes after a night of tenderness.

Madelyn grabbed his hand. "Didn't you say we should take it slow?"

Benjamin let out a grunt.

He continued to dominate her for a while, his fingers touching her diamond ring. "This time, we'll have a grand wedding."

Madelyn remained silent.

They had broken up and reconciled several times and already had two children. Having a wedding wasn't necessary. What mattered was if he really was back.


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