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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 314

Chapter 314 This Is Uncle Ryan (2)

Eloise couldn't have imagined that she would meet Kenneth so soon.

And it was such an unusual scene.


The next day, Eloise had coffee with Chloe.

The café was on the first floor of a five-star hotel with a very nice ambiance.

Across from Eloise sat her childhood friend Chloe, who asked, "Are you alright? He is a cheating, womanizing asshole, but you took three sleeping pills for him. Is he worth it?"

Eloise said quietly, "I had no idea that he had been in a relationship with Madelyn and was a complete cheating womanizer. I want to kill him when I think of him cheating on Madelyn for years!"

Eloise sniffled. "Fortunately, Madelyn hasn't had intercourse with him!"

Chloe found it funny and laughed.

Eloise was silly.

As Eloise and Chloe were roasting a scum, they didn't realize that several decent people sat two tables away, including Kenneth and Kaleb, along with two or three members of their entourage.

Kaleb spotted them first.

Kaleb lowered his voice and said, "Mr. Ryan, it's Ms. Clark."

Kenneth leisurely sipped the coffee.

Kenneth spotted them early and heard their conversation... He thought, "Heh, what a little twit!"

Kenneth was busy and there was always an ample amount of women around.

He had no intention of consorting with Eloise. He made a gesture to get up from his seat, and his attendants rose to their feet first with occupational trepidation...


A good-looking man appeared out of nowhere and gently clasped Eloise's wrist.

It was Daniel.

When Daniel's affair with his mistress came to light, Eloise didn't answer his calls or listen to his explanations.

Eloise took the pills.

He hadn't seen her until now...

Eloise shook off his hand, her delicate face giving a grimace of pain. "You're hurting me!"

Daniel was trying to get Eloise back.

His mistress was an obedient and well-behaved girl, but Daniel was just having a little fun to pass the time. Eloise, coming from a distinguished family and being simple, was the ideal wife for him.

Daniel dropped the attitude. "Let's talk this out!"

Chloe, Eloise's childhood friend, couldn't help saying, "What's there to talk about, Daniel? It's true that you keep a mistress, right? It has come to light now. You think Eloise's a pushover and that she will not settle the score with you?"

In the elegant café.

Chloe gave Daniel the finger!

Kenneth was about to leave, but sat down again, watched with amusement as they quarreled. Then he said to Kaleb, "Look at the young people nowadays!"

Kaleb was so good at pleasing Kenneth.

He pretended to be upset. "You're only in your early 40s. You're still young!"

Kenneth smiled.

At this point, they probably had some discrepancies and had an argument. Finally, there was a little physical altercation between them.

Eloise was not hurt, but her handbag, which had been put on the chair, was knocked to the floor. The contents of the handbag fell all over the floor.

There were seven or eight lipsticks, and several cute little pendants, of which a lamb pendant was the cutest.

The point was there was a tiny baby bottle.

For a while, things became very intriguing.

Kenneth was surprised.

He knew Eloise was a couple of years older than Madelyn, but how come she took a baby bottle and dolls with her?

Was she not weaned?

Kaleb caught a faint smile on the face of Kenneth, who had not smiled much for years. Kenneth was clearly in a good mood now.

Eloise's eyes were wet with tears.

Feeling humiliated, she bit her lip, "Daniel, we have called off our engagement!"

Daniel was about to speak...

Kenneth spoke up, "I want you to pick her stuff up!"

A little girl's bottle was not something to be trifled with.


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