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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 319

Chapter 319 Mr. Ryan You're Out of My League (1)

Two months later, it was October, and Eloise saw Kenneth again.

Brianna was a fan of theater.

Violet, Brianna's favorite opera singer, had three performances this month.

Unfortunately, Brianna was sick, so she gave her ticket to Eloise and asked her to send Violet flowers on her behalf and ask for an autograph.

Eloise was bored.

In the afternoon, she asked Madelyn to come with her.

Tension between Madelyn and Benjamin had thawed quite a bit. Madelyn cared about Eloise a lot, so she agreed and asked Vivian to go with her to the theater.

Opera Garden was the best Gredax opera in the North.

On this day, Violet was playing the Lady of the Camellias. She acted and sang well, and the audience broke into rapturous applause.

Eloise, however, yawned.

If Brianna hadn't asked for an autograph, Eloise would have left. With her face painted so pale, Violet looked like a ghost. Her headgear was tight and her large eyes bulged...

Eloise wondered, "Doesn't Violet feel uncomfortable dressed like this?"

The play was over, and Violet got offstage.

When she was backstage, she looked a bit like a different person. She took off her earrings and said to her assistant, "I'm not seeing any fans today. Tell them to come another day!"

Violet, who came from a long line of opera singers, was a proud woman. Not all the fans had the chance to see her. Today, that person came to the play.

Violet's assistant was in a dilemma.

She muttered, "All right, but I'm afraid there is someone you need to see."

Violet took off her outer skirt and asked curiously, "What kind of person do I have to see?"

"It's Ms. Clark! Her mom is too sick to come and wants an autograph."

Violet froze.

The next second, she smiled brightly, "It's Ms. Clark! I'll go see her then... Brianna comes to watch my play very often. Go lead her here, and I'll give her an autograph."

With that, Violet lifted the curtain and went inside.

There came a male magnetic voice...

Over here, Eloise and her friends, led by Violet's assistant, came backstage.

Violet was really popular.

A long aisle was flanked by hundreds of bunches of flowers, 32 of which were sent by Mr. Ryan. He was the most generous.

Mr. Ryan...

Eloise's heart jolted.

She wondered, "Is it Mr. Ryan I'm thinking of?

Violet's assistant followed Eloise's gaze and said with a smile, "Mr. Ryan is an old friend of Ms. Harris. Every time he arrives in Gredax, he will come here and listen to Ms. Harris sing opera. I heard that Mr. Ryan enjoys high status and Ms. Harris is the only reason he is here."

Eloise listened quietly and had the sudden urge to leave.

But she and her friends already arrived at the door of the dressing room. Violet's assistant pushed open the door with a smile. "Ms. Clark is here."

The door was open.

The scene inside came into view.

Eloise froze.

Inside, Violet was wearing a tight-fitting dress, with her thick, raven hair pulled up. She was glamorous.

She snuggled up to a man.

The man, in a white shirt and black pants, was good-looking and refined. He was raking a gold hairpin through Violet's silky hair...

They looked like they were flirting with each other.

Anyone could tell that they had a close relationship!

Eloise stood stock-still. She didn't expect to walk in on them.

Kenneth had kissed her...

But Eloise had never seen this side of Kenneth. So, such an attractive lady like Violet was his type. They looked good together.

Not only Eloise but also Kenneth was a bit surprised.

Since Madelyn was there, Kenneth put down the gold hairpin and called out, "Eloise!"

Eloise didn't respond.

Her lips quivered a little as she remained mute.

Madelyn looked at Kenneth and then at Eloise in confusion. They didn't seem to have crossed paths in her knowledge, but when Kenneth greeted Eloise, he sounded like he knew her well...

As the silence stretched, Kaleb came over.

He froze at the sight!

Kaleb, Kenneth's right-hand man, was very good at breaking the ice. He said to Madelyn, "Oh, Ms. Green is here, too! Mr. Ryan missed you and wanted to come over to see you!"

Madelyn hid her surprise and greeted Kenneth. "Uncle."

Vivian, who was on the same page with her, realized something and said with a smile, "What a coincidence!"

Violet smiled and said, "So you're Mr. Ryan's family. I would like to invite you all to dine at Badmaash Restaurant across the street. The food there is quite good!"

As Violet spoke, she fanned herself, wafting the sweet scent of her past them.

Just as she finished, Eloise spoke up, "I have a bit of a headache, so I won't be there!"

What followed was a short silence.

Kaleb quickly said, "I'll go get you some medicine!"

He was attentive to Eloise. Violet glanced sideways at Kaleb and said in a coquettish tone, "Kaleb, you never have this worried face when I don't feel well."

Violet said to Kaleb, but she was complaining that Kenneth did not care enough about her.

Kenneth smiled faintly. "People around you will get you medicine, won't they?"


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