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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Mr. Ryan, We Just Had a One Night Stand

Although Kenneth was very busy, he still stayed in Gredax to accompany Madelyn.

Kaleb obtained a small office with the help of connections.

Although its size was small, it was full featured.

Kenneth usually worked here, with bodyguards guarding outside, while Kaleb came in and out, traveling from places to places.

The next day, Benjamin rushed back from Monatiz!

Travel-worn, weary and full of guilt!

At the entrance of the ICU ward, Kenneth fought with him. Even if Benjamin didn't fight back, Kenneth's hands were still slightly red and swollen...

Kaleb intentionally made fun of Kenneth while applying medicine to him.

"As you get older and older, you should try to hold back your bad temper!"

Kenneth's suppressed anger came back again, "I still feel like it's not enough! This bastard, I'll beat him to death!"

The two were talking when there was a commotion at the door.

Kaleb went over to take a look and in a moment, he led someone in. It was Eloise.

Kaleb was very witty and went out on her own.

Eloise took a few steps forward, afraid to approach.

Kenneth took out a cigarette with one hand, lowered his head and took a puff before asking softly, "Why are you here?"

She raised the ointment on her hand and said, "I'm here help you apply the medicine!"

Actually, Kenneth had already applied the medicine, but he didn't mind applying it again.

On the narrow sofa, she sat next to him, holding one of his hands and carefully applying medicine to him. Kenneth slowly smoked a cigarette and looked down at her...

Her small face was bright and white and her eyelashes were very long in her sockets.

Kenneth asked as if nothing had happened, "That boy is good, why aren't you in a relationship?"

She was stunned for a moment before she understood what he was saying.

She breathed in lightly and said, 'I don't really like him!'

As she spoke, she released his hand and said in a voice as low as a kitten, "I've wrapped it up!"

She intended to leave but her body was caught.

She was forced to sit back beside him. Not knowing if it was her illusion, she felt so close to him that she could smell the faint smell of tobacco on him.

Kenneth's gaze was slightly more meaningful.

His beautiful fingers caressed her lips.

She trembled uncontrollably and helplessly called him Uncle Ryan...

Kenneth lowered his head and whispered softly, his forehead against hers, "What are you doing here? Is it to atone for your brother, or are you unable to control your own thoughts, or do you like a man who is more than ten years older than you? Tell me, what do you want from me?"

He asked bluntly, and she felt ashamed.

She trembled and couldn't answer, but what Kenneth wanted was not her answer either.

He kissed her.

Just like last time, he gently pressed her onto his chest, gently hold her lips to relax her and then gently dive into to taste her taste deeply, shallowly, back and forth.

She was very uneasy and wanted to struggle.

But her slender waist was held by him, and later, she was held to his lap.

He kissed her so gently and forcefully, leaving her mind blank. She could only tightly embrace his neck, but later she couldn't help but support herself with his shoulder and her arms slid to his back to hug him...

She whole body almost melted from his kiss that she didn't know how she went out.

She didn't know why he treated her like this.

From then on, she avoided him.

Occasionally, when they met in the hospital, she pretended not to notice him and didn't greet him as Uncle Ryan, just turned around and ran away.

Kenneth looked at her back with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Kaleb deliberately said, "You must have bullied her!"

Kenneth put his hands in his pants pocket and remembered the kiss that day. The little one nestled in his arms like a kitten, probably angry that she took a gentle bite on his chest.

But she bit the wrong place, which made him quite uncomfortable.

Kenneth knew he longed for her, and when dealing with Madelyn's affairs, he couldn't help but think about him and her.

He was wondering if it was possible.

He was among countless impossibilities, wanting to see if he could find a possible path.

But Kenneth had not found his way yet,

Benjamin made a major decision. He secretly sent Everest to the laboratory and also wanted to let go of Madelyn.

Kenneth gave him two slaps.

Then, he couldn't bear to make another move. He knew that such a decision was also very difficult for Benjamin...

On the night Everest was sent away, Kenneth drank a lot of wine that even Kaleb couldn't stop him. Finally, he found Eloise and begged her to persuade him, "Mr. Ryan has an important meeting tomorrow morning. If he doesn't stop now, he will lose his composure tomorrow!"

He begged for quite a while before Eloise finally agreed.

Kaleb pushed the door open for her, but instead of entering, he whispered, "I'll stay at the door!"

In the small room, it was quiet and dark.

She adapted for a while before she could see clearly inside. Kenneth leaned against the sofa and placed several bottles of red wine in front of him. He probably heard footsteps and looked up at her, and then poured himself another glass.

"Stop drinking!"

She stepped forward and held his hand, preventing him from touching it again.

Kenneth looked at her quietly, his eyes was covered in bloodstains. It took him a long time to say, "Get out!"

Eloise refused.

She knelt on the carpet and collected all the wine bottles.

She did this in a slightly childish way, like a child playing house.

Even after drinking, Kenneth knew that she was not a child anymore. Not only was she not a child, but she was also a mature woman...


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