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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 329

Chapter 329 He Told Her That He Was Just Tired of Playing 2

After Eloise left.

Kenneth stayed in the apartment all night, lying in bed surrounded by her belongings.

They were small stuffs, most of which were bought by him.

Eloise didn't know how to do household chores, and the bedroom was also messy. It was often Uncle Ryan who helped her clean up. Even when she was in her period, he would wash her dirty little pants.

On the pillow, there was her smell.

How could Kenneth sleep? He just got up and sat on the sofa to smoke.

Holding his phone in his hand, he thought that if she called him, he would definitely answer, even if he couldn't say anything, it would be good to listen to her voice.

But all night long, the ashtray was full but she didn't call.

He knew in his heart that they were over.

She was the daughter of a great family, why should she bother him?


When the sky was slightly bright, Kaleb felt uneasy and pushed the door in.

As soon as he entered, he was choked by the smoke in the room and couldn't help but scold, "Mr. Ryan, you should also take care of your body. Smoking like this is not feasible."

Kenneth looked at him, pinched out his cigarette and slowly collapsed onto the sofa.

After a while, he slowly spoke up and said, "Run for me."

He knew that Eloise was not lacking in anything, but they had been together once, and after leaving her, his life would probably be like this. Money no longer mattered to him.

Kenneth finished his command slowly in a deep voice.

Kaleb was also quite surprised.

Mr. Ryan's love affair was truly earth shattering. The things he gave, let alone boyfriends and girlfriends, even divorced couples could dare to imagine.

He almost took out all personal belongings.

Kaleb had no objections and immediately went to handle it with great enthusiasm.

The next day, he arranged to meet Eloise at a nice coffee shop.

Kaleb arrived first. In early spring weather, he was wearing a dark brown woolen suit and sat quietly playing with the lighter, with a thick stack of documents to hand over.

After waiting for a quarter of an hour, Eloise came and sat quietly across from him.

"Does he have anything to say?"

Kaleb looked up at the sound and was startled.

After just over a month, the little girl lost a lot of weight and looked even more haggard.

He quickly got up and pulled the chair for Eloise, trying to chat in a calm and gentle tone. However, Eloise saw the stack of documents and asked directly, "Are these the compensation he gave me?"

Kaleb felt a bit uneasy and only let out a sigh after a while.

Eloise took it over and flipped through a few pages, then stroked the paper with her slender fingers. She spoke softly and said, "Since it's just a game between me and him, why should he go all out for love! I don't want any of these things. Just tell him, I won't pester him."

After saying these things, she seemed to have exhausted all her strength.

Even herself had been in a daze for a long time...

Uncle Ryan...

She called him Uncle Ryan for so long, and everything he gave her and promised made her think she would be with him forever. She could always be by his side, and he would shield her from the danger.

So, it turned out to be a dream!

Originally, it was just his habitual romantic skills...

Kaleb tried to persuade her for quite a while, but she refused to accept it.

When he went back to reply, Kenneth stood in front of the french window of the hotel, turned his back to him and kept silent for a long time before saying, "Got it."

After Kaleb left, Kenneth lowered his eyes, staring at the diamond ring in his hand.

It should be like this. She was such a simple little girl.

How could she accept that!

Kenneth didn't know before that he would also love someone like this. When he was working, he was fine. When he was free, he would dream of her all night. In the crowd, he would unconsciously turn around and look behind him. Even when socializing with Mr. Robinson and others, he would always look at the copper gate, as if the next second, his little girl would push the door in.

With tears streaming down his face, she called him Uncle Ryan.

It took him a long time to realize that it was difficult to quit her...

About a week later, they met once. It was at a dinner party in Gredax that they met without preparation.

She came with Benjamin Clark.

Wearing a water powder strapless long dress.

A diamond chain was worn between on her neck and her black ink-like hair was casually scattered around the waist.

Her whole being was so delicate and moving.


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