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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 332

Chapter 332 She's Carrying His Child

Kenneth paused in his tracks.

After a moment, he instructed Kaleb, "Find a hotel for her to settle in."

Kaleb personally untied the little miss, seeing that she was unharmed, and his eyes welled up with tears. "As long as she's safe!"

But Eloise's gaze remained fixed on the direction Kenneth had left, lost in thought.

Her heart slowly sank.


In the early morning hours, Kenneth stood by the window while Kaleb draped a coat over his shoulders. Kaleb spoke softly, "Amelia's right hand is disabled. In the future, she'll probably need to train her left hand. How do you plan to arrange things for her?"

Kenneth lit a cigarette.

After a moment, he whispered, "Keep her around, she's still useful."

He wanted her to be his "trusted confidante." If anyone wanted to harm those close to him, the first person they would have to deal with would be Amelia. To put it frankly, she was his shield.

And she couldn't refuse!

Kaleb fell silent.

Kenneth turned his head with a bitter smile. "Why are you so shocked? This is who I've always been. How do others describe me? A smiling tiger, a ruthless king!"

But even a person like him had vulnerabilities.

Now, he was going to meet that vulnerability!


Vadiff's best hotel.

Outside the suite, several bodyguards remained loyal and vigilant, never leaving their posts.

Inside the suite, Eloise held a box of food, tears streaming down her face as she ate.

Before she met Kenneth, she rarely cried. Even when she jokingly mentioned taking sleeping pills while dating Daniel, it was just an empty threat. At that time, she thought her infatuation with Daniel was love.

But it wasn't until she experienced true love that she realized how shallow her previous feelings had been.

She couldn't eat, and just the thought of food made her feel sick.

Later, the nausea became so unbearable that she couldn't stand even the slightest whiff of meat, and she crouched in the bathroom, retching until she was dizzy and disoriented. This was unusual for her, as she had always had a good appetite.

Eloise rubbed her small belly, lost in thought.

She remembered, over a month ago, the last time they had sex without protection.

Could she be pregnant?

Eloise looked up, and in the mirror, her complexion was as pale as paper.

She almost rushed out, she wanted to buy a pregnancy test, she wanted to know if she was really carrying Kenneth's child, and if there was such a child, she wanted to ask him...

Does he want it?

The bodyguard at the door stopped her, politely saying, "Miss Eloise, Kaleb has instructed that you cannot go anywhere."

Eloise trembled her lips, "I don't feel well and I want to go downstairs to buy some medicine."

The person hesitated.

In the end, they let her go down, but two people followed her.

There was a 24-hour pharmacy opposite the hotel. She hurriedly went in, bought something, and hid it in her pocket before quickly returning to her room.

A minute later, on the pregnancy test strip, two red lines appeared.

Eloise stared at it blankly for a while before suddenly covering her mouth.

She was pregnant...

She was carrying Kenneth's child!

There was a knock on the door at the entrance, followed by the sound of light footsteps. She recognized the sound of Kenneth walking.

She gently touched her small belly and slowly walked out.

Just two hours had passed, and they had already become somewhat strangers to each other.

Eloise's lip trembled as she wanted to tell him that she was pregnant. But Kenneth spoke first.

He sat down on the couch, his slender, jade-like fingers gently stroking the armrest, seemingly pondering before he spoke, "Eloise, you've seen it yourself, how dangerous it is to be by my side."

She wanted to say that she wasn't afraid.

Kenneth chuckled softly, his gaze fixed on her as he asked in a calm tone, "Then, staying by my side, what can you do for me? Can you shed blood for me like Zimei did? Eloise, what I need by my side is someone like her, not a crybaby like you."

She murmured, "Do you like her?"

"I admire her!"

Kenneth patted his wrinkled pants, saying calmly, "Her right hand was crippled! I did it myself!"

Fearful, immediately reply to Gredax.

Eloise's lips trembled, not understanding what he meant.

Kenneth smiled and said plainly yet cruelly, "I admire women like her! Eloise, you are lovely, but only suitable for passing time during peaceful days. Eloise, I am destined not to live in peaceful days, do you understand?"

He suddenly said harshly, "You understand nothing!"

Eloise listened, feeling somewhat dazed...

She understood, to some extent.

He did have some feelings for her, but his slight affection was not enough for him to give up what he had. He liked power, he liked politics, and she wasn't the woman suitable for him.

Was Amelia the right one?

Eloise didn't ask that question. She slowly lowered her eyelashes.

He was a man who pursued great things, and he made it clear to her. What was she to him with just a child holding him back?

Under the dim yellow light, their final silhouettes remained.

She didn't tell him about her pregnancy.


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