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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 336

Chapter 336 The Seven-Year Itch, Madelyn, Do You Still Love Me (4)

Madelyn woke up and saw Benjamin by her side. He sat next to her, gently stroking her chestnut hair, a gesture that was quite intimate. She felt a little uncomfortable and sat up, asking, "How long have I been asleep?"

Benjamin withdrew his hand and stared at her for a while before finally smiling, "A little over an hour." Madelyn got up and put on her shoes, asking, "Did I interrupt anything you were doing?"

He held her hand. Madelyn looked at him and asked, "What's wrong?" Benjamin raised his hand and playfully pinched her nose, saying, "It's nothing if I'm a little delayed because of my wife!" Madelyn laughed lightly.

Just waking up, she felt particularly soft, and it had been a long time since he had kissed her. Regardless of whether it was the right place or time, he couldn't help but lean in and kiss her.


She leaned against his shoulder, reminding him.

But he couldn't resist, gently parting her lips and deepening their kiss.

After a long time, he finally felt satisfied. Madelyn weakly leaned against his shoulder, her cheeks red from the kiss. Benjamin held her slender waist. He wanted more, but he didn't dare to touch her too easily, afraid that she would be repulsed. Madelyn could sense his desire and whispered softly, "Let's do it tonight!"

At his age, it wasn't good to hold back all the time.

Besides, she had no intention of divorcing him, nor did she have no feelings for him at all. Benjamin lazily patted her, and they went downstairs and got into the car. Benjamin wanted to be with her and turned his head to say softly, "Can we go to the company? I'll accompany you for a nap at noon and leave early in the afternoon to pick up Everest."

Madelyn thought for a moment and declined, "Francis still needs to be taken care of." Benjamin was a little disappointed but still drove her home first. The golden Bentley Continental GT slowly left the clinic parking lot...

At the clinic parking lot, a black Benz opened its door, and someone got out.

Dressed in glamorous attire, she seemed like a rich lady.

It was none other than Elizabeth.

She sneered coldly. She had seen Madelyn at the clinic earlier and thought she was mistaken. It turned out to be her!

Everyone thought that Madelyn was living the best life, but it turned out she needed to see a psychologist.

The class reunion was coming soon...

If Madelyn's privacy were exposed, who would envy her?

But this clinic was high-end, and patient confidentiality was not easily obtained. Elizabeth spent a large sum of money to win over a nurse in the medical records room and obtained the information.

Postpartum depression, a marriage lacking trust, intimacy only once a month.

These things made Elizabeth want to laugh out loud.

Seeing her laughter, the nurse felt a little scared. Elizabeth dismissed her with a few words. Once the person left, she sat in the car and dialed a number. "Is this Gredax Daily? I have something that might interest you!"


After hanging up the phone, she smirked. Was there a need for a marriage that reopened old wounds? Would a man like Benjamin still stay with a wife who had a psychological illness? A man like him could have any woman he wanted.

In his prime, there were plenty of women willing to have his children! Elizabeth couldn't help but feel delighted at the thought. She looked forward to seeing Madelyn's downfall and Vivian's heartache. Only when the two of them were in pain would she truly feel satisfied.

In the afternoon, Gredax Daily reported this news.

They posted powerful screenshots and an audio recording of Madelyn.

Indeed, it was a medical record from a certain clinic, filled with mentions of postpartum depression, Eleanor Charlotte, and the couple's intimate life, among other hidden details...

"Shattered Marriages in High Society"

"High Society Doesn't Believe in Love"

"The President of Everest Group's Secret Affair"


Thrilling headlines instantly hit the hot search, accompanied by solid evidence from the recorded conversation. Benjamin and his wife's privacy was exposed without reservation. Gredax, a storm of bloodshed ensued.

Everyone was waiting for Benjamin's response because his response could directly impact the stocks of the Huo family and Everest Group...

Paisley pushed open the door to the CEO's office, where Benjamin was on the phone.

On the other end of the line was Madelyn.

As the parties involved, they couldn't possibly be unaware of the news.

But Benjamin didn't speak directly about it. He just said gently to her, "I'll pick up Everest this afternoon. You stay at home. By the way, has Francis finished eating his supplementary food? I'll buy some on my way back after picking up Everest. Do you need anything else?"

On the other side, Madelyn sat in front of the Morning Dew piano.

She saw the hot search and knew what Benjamin meant by making the call.

There was a brief silence on the phone...

After a while, Benjamin spoke softly again, "I will hold a press conference this afternoon. Madelyn, don't be afraid. You can live however you want. Leave the rest to me."

Madelyn played a section of piano with one hand and then paused, "I want to know who did this."

Benjamin nodded.


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