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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Tonight, Benjamin Was Especially Thoughtful (3)

Benjamin returned to bed.

He sensed Madelyn's steady breathing and knew that she was awake.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" he leaned over and kissed her.

Madelyn leaned against his chest, her slender fingers gliding across the white pillow under the dim light. She whispered, "Actually, you don't have to endure like this. I'm not that sensitive to cold."

She could feel it too.

Benjamin held her waist tighter, not saying a word. He knew that Madelyn could sense it a little, but it was enough for her to stop thinking about it. Unlike truly in love couples, when something is enough, they still feel it's not enough.

He wished they could embrace all night long.

His body felt cold, but it was comfortable leaning against her.

He gently whispered in her ear, "Madelyn, tell me anything you want. I am your husband, and I will listen to everything you say... I won't do anything you don't like."

Madelyn fell silent.

He had already heard what she said to the therapist.

Benjamin felt a bit nervous.

He was afraid of triggering her by mentioning it, but after a while, Madelyn murmured, "Ben, help me find another therapist, and from now on, I'll go by myself."

They had two children and no intention of getting a divorce.

When there is an illness, it needs to be treated.

However, as a woman, Madelyn didn't want her husband to know about those things. Some wounds needed to be licked and healed slowly by herself.

Benjamin agreed.

Before falling asleep, he gently whispered in her ear, "Tomorrow morning, I'll take Everest for a run."


Madelyn's wounds were torn open again.

She didn't avoid it and went to see the therapist Benjamin found again. There was some progress, but the effect was minimal. Perhaps, as the doctor said, they needed to have another child or they needed time.

Vivian was worried about her and invited her for coffee.

At the dessert shop on the first floor of a five-star hotel, Vivian smiled and pushed a piece of pastry towards her. "Try this signature dish, if it's delicious, let's pack one for Everest."

Madelyn took a bite.

She smiled and said, "It's really good, especially the matcha flavor."

Vivian immediately waved her hand and ordered two more, asking the staff to pack them.

She did everything skillfully, and Madelyn stared at her intently. When Vivian noticed Madelyn's gaze, she reached out and touched her own face, "Why are you looking at me like that? It's creepy."

Madelyn stirred her coffee lightly and smiled, "Vivian, we've known each other for twelve years."

Vivian was visibly taken aback.

Twelve years...

She gently touched her own face, finally understanding why Madelyn had that sentiment just now... It could be said that during their university days, Vivian was indeed the most beautiful one among them.

When she was with Jackson, she enjoyed life without any responsibilities.

After marrying Grayson and having a son in recent years, she often sighed at herself in the mirror, feeling less slender and having a rounder face...

But Madelyn hardly changed, she remained slender.

No wonder Benjamin couldn't let go of her, he couldn't touch her but also couldn't let go. Vivian couldn't say whether this was good or bad for the moment.

Just as the two of them were sighing, someone walked out of the elevator.

A familiar face, dressed quite luxuriously, and accompanied by a personal assistant like a celebrity.

It was Elizabeth!

Elizabeth was also surprised that Madelyn dared to come out.

With all the scandals flying around, wasn't she afraid of being pointed at?


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