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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 342

Chapter 342 His Jealousy

Back in the crowded banquet hall, the atmosphere still buzzed with excitement.

Madelyn had become the center of attention, not only because she had joined the prestigious Clark family, but also due to her recent fame in the media.

All eyes were on her, as everyone sought to unravel her mystery.

But Madelyn just sat beside Benjamin, leaning on his shoulder with a sense of complete trust and dependence.

She had no desire for the spotlight and instead focused on Benjamin's business conversations, occasionally chiming in with convincing words.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, stood out among the crowd of men.

She felt a surge of satisfaction and mischievously plotted to provoke Benjamin once again.

But her plans were ruined when she saw Benjamin taking off his coat and draping it over Madelyn's legs, speaking softly to her, "Feeling cold? I always tell you to dress warmly. Look at Ms. Dylan, she knows how to take care of herself."

All eyes turned to Elizabeth, dressed in a fur coat and sweating from the warmth. She couldn't help but feel a hint of embarrassment upon hearing those words.

Meanwhile, Daniel arrived late and happened to overhear their conversation.

A faint smile played on his lips.

As former lovers met again, Elizabeth couldn't help but feel envious. Despite having so many men, her heart only belonged to Daniel.

Yet, his heart was only for Madelyn!

Elizabeth managed to squeeze out a sentence, "Mr. Campbell, I have a special gift for you today!"

But Daniel's attention remained fixed on Madelyn.

He noticed the matching wristwatch she wore, one identical to Benjamin's.

Suddenly, Daniel understood Benjamin's confidence.

Perhaps Madelyn wasn't entirely content in this marriage, but she willingly stayed by his side because of their sweet memories.

Daniel's gaze turned dim.

He took a seat and moved closer to Madelyn, ultimately settling down next to her.

Now, Madelyn sat sandwiched between Daniel and Benjamin coincidentally.

Soon after, the school leaders announced the recognition of outstanding alumni.

Elizabeth, having made a generous donation of 1.4 million, clinched the top spot.

The room erupted with applause.

Elizabeth gracefully stood up, nodding with a hint of self-assuredness.

This was her way of proving her worth and making Madelyn acknowledge her achievements!

Suddenly, a film showcasing the school's history and notable events began to play.

Most guests were engrossed in business chats, but about 20 minutes in, someone exclaimed, "Isn't that Madelyn with Daniel?"

The whole room fell silent!

There, a young Madelyn was under the school's French plane trees, bathed in dappled sunlight.

She approached the young Daniel and blurted out, her face flushed, "Daniel, I like you."

The footage paused on Daniel's deep gaze.

Moments later, he motioned to his bike, saying simply, "Come on."

Nervously biting her lip, Madelyn took a seat behind him, gripping his shirt as he started pedaling.

The next scene transported them to a deserted school library.

Madelyn was asleep, a small bruise under her eye, while Daniel read across from her.


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