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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Go to My Villa Tomorrow Night, OK? 

With tears and blood in her mouth, Camila struggled frantically. 

"Madelyn, you can't be with this beast!" 

"How am I supposed to tell your father?" 

Outside the door were footsteps heard, and a few uniformed people came in. 

Camila was stunned for a moment, then she started screaming, "I hurt Daniel, arrest me! Take me away...I'm willing to go to jail for a lifetime! Don't touch Madelyn ...Daniel, please don't touch her!" 

Camila knelt down with her head in her arms. 

She hated herself for being useless and impulsive, and even more so for easily getting angry at Daniel and dragging Madelyn into this mess. 

This scene surprised the people who came in. 

They looked at Daniel and said, "Mr. Campelll, this is..." Daniel gently held onto Madelyn's hand and forcefully pulled her to sit by his side. Madelyn was trembling all over. 

He was somewhat displeased. Was she really that afraid of him? 

But since Madelyn had eased up, he naturally had to give her some benefits. So Daniel casually said, holding his stomach with a tissue, "It was too chaotic just now. I may have accidentally injured myself, but our company has surveillance footage. Although there were some malfunctions, it can be repaired in a few days, and I will provide the complete video at that time." 

The visitors knew what was really going on: just a love triangle! 

They asked a few more questions at random and quickly left. 

Madelyn was still trembling. She knew that Camila was only safe for the time being, but the surveillance footage was in Daniel's hands, and he could accuse Camila at any time! 

The huge office was eerily quiet. 

Daniel's face was as white as paper. He turned to his secretary and ordered the car to be prepared. He then lightly pinched Madelyn's chin and said, "How about coming to my villa tomorrow night, hmm?" 

Madelyn's eyes were blank. 

Daniel tugged at his lips and said, "You can play the piano for me then!" 

Madelyn didn't respond, but Daniel didn't care. As long as she was by his side, it was enough! He believed that as long as she spent some time with him, she would become obedient like before. 

She should forget about that inappropriate affair with Benjamin Clark! 

Daniel was quite injured, and his assistants crowded around him as they quickly left. 


Madelyn helped Camila home. 

They looked at Daniel and said: "Mr. Campbell, what is..." 

Daniel gently took Madelyn's hand and forcefully pulled her to sit next to him. Her whole body was shaking. 

He was a bit unhappy. Was she so afraid of him? 


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