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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Benjamin Is Coming Back II

Things didn't go as planned. Paisley's flight was delayed due to the plane malfunction.

In the lounge, she called Benjamin but he had turned off his phone during the trial.

It wasn't until noon when the trial had ended that Benjamin turned on his phone and saw Paisley's message. He frowned and thought for a moment.

Then, his client Jonathan sent his assistant over, who said to him respectfully, "Mr. Clark, my boss, Mr. Hunter, would like to invite you for dinner."

Benjamin put away his phone and replied with a smile, "Please extend my gratitude to Mr. Hunter for inviting me, but I'm afraid I won't be able to join you for the dinner. I have to hurry to Gredax for something important."

Just as they spoke, Mr. Hunter himself came over.

In his forties, he was a businessman who looked dashing and elegant. He shook hands with Benjamin and said with great warmth, "Benjamin, you were quite impressive in court. Since you have important things to attend to, I won't keep you. When you come to Esrand next time, let me do the honors."

"That's a deal." Benjamin replied gracefully.

Mr. Hunter valued him highly and asked his driver to drive Benjamin to the airport...Paisley, whose flight had been delayed for half a day, decided to take the same flight back to Gredax with Benjamin.

Before the plane took off, Benjamin gave Madelyn a call again.

Her phone was still turned off!

He frowned and had a feeling that something must have gone wrong.


In Gredax...

Madelyn spent all day at home.

Camila was emotionally unstable, so she stayed with her for a long time.

At dusk, Madelyn made dinner and served it to Camila. She said softly when they had dinner, "I'm going to meet a friend later, someone introduced by Vivian. Hopefully, he might help us."

Camila remained suspicious.

Madelyn held her hand and continued, "That's real! Camila, I want to give it a try."


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