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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 5

Chapter 5 How Many Times Have You Slept with Him

Madelyn couldn't resist him from beginning to end, just like their gone love.

She looked at Daniel with only hatred in her eyes.

Daniel let go of her and sneered. "You want to be Benjamin's mistress? Are you that capable? Everyone in the circle knows that he has high requirements for women and seldom has a relationship with any woman. Moreover... Madelyn, your body would get stiff when a man kisses you. Will you bear it if a man takes off your clothes?"

Madelyn didn't want to look at him anymore.

She looked down and said, "It's my own business. It has nothing to do with you."

Daniel stared at her condescendingly and said in a gloomy voice, "Or could it be that you still can't forget me so that you deliberately approach Benjamin and always show up before me? Do you think I'll care about it?"

Madelyn felt disgusted. She looked up at him and snapped, "Daniel, if you haven't set my father up, no matter whom you'll marry, Eloise Clark or Eloise Moore, it wouldn't have anything to do with me. Don't think too highly of yourself."

Daniel fixed his eyes on her.

Madelyn forced herself to look into his eyes. She didn't want to show her weakness before him.

After a long while, Daniel curled up his lips into a sarcastic smile and said, "Madelyn, you'll be willing to be my mistress. Let's wait and see."

He opened the door after finishing the words and then left.

The luxurious wooden door made a loud sound and hung danglingly. Madelyn felt her legs weak. She tilted her head and leaned against the wall with tears escaping her eyes.

Daniel was really ruthless.

They had been in love for four years and she had many things for him, but he returned her with betrayal.

Only until now did Madelyn realize that Daniel just wanted to play with her, and he had never thought of marrying her.

But she had imagined what their wedding would be like many times.

Shedding tears, Madelyn mocked herself.



Vivian's ear sounded beside her ear.

Madelyn wiped away her tears and looked up. Then she was stunned.

Except for Vivian and her husband, Benjamin was also standing at the door.


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