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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Whatever You Wanted

Benjamin returned to the car just as Madelyn finished her shopping.

She got into the car with her purchases.

Benjamin looked at the things in her hand and asked, "What's this large package of stuff?"

"Two sets of slippers for indoor use, and two bathrobes."

Women loved buying things so much. He could not help taking a look at the package even though inside were just the most ordinary household objects.

Benjamin looked askance at it. "Couple's costume?"

Madelyn blushed. "No! I see you've got all those white clothes..."

To ease the awkwardness, she coughed softly, "Did you get your medicine?"

Benjamin's eyes became smoldering.

He looked at her for a long time before slowly taking out two boxes from his trouser pocket and blatantly putting them on the center console... Madelyn wanted to bite her tongue off at the sight of those familiar words.

Why did she ask?

Benjamin was outwardly dull but inside lustful. He was always prim and starchy but was wild privately.

Madelyn couldn't help but wonder if he did this a lot.


Benjamin slowly drove his car into the parking lot of the apartment, while Daniel, who had been following behind him, naturally could not follow in. Daniel parked his car out there, sitting quietly by himself.

He followed all the way and saw Madelyn get into Benjamin's car.

He saw her behave like a wife and go into the home store to do shopping.

He saw Benjamin buy two boxes of condoms!

Was he going to have Madelyn tonight?

Daniel slammed the steering wheel and the black sports car immediately let out an ear-splitting horn... The pedestrians looked at him like he was crazy.

Daniel didn't care about it.

All he knew was that he had lost Madelyn. She was probably in Benjamin's bed right now and got fucked so hard by him!


Madelyn knew nothing of their rivalry.


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