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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 62

Chapter 62 We Are in Love

Madelyn thought he would be unhappy.

To her surprise, Benjamin pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, "I've already had dinner."

Madelyn blushed. He really was shameless!

Benjamin was not in a bad mood. He walked ahead to the dining room and said, "It's time to have dinner!"

Madelyn went to wash her face first.

In the restroom, she turned on the tap and splashed cold water on her face...trying to calm herself down.

She needed to deal with Elizabeth as soon as possible.

Moreover, she didn't plan to tell Benjamin about this. She had already caused him too much trouble. She knew what their relationship was like; she could just rely on him whenever she faced difficulties.

Mr. Clark's time was very precious!

After sorting out her feelings, Madelyn walked out of the room. To her surprise, she saw a table full of dishes in the dining room, far more sumptuous than what she used to cook.

Benjamin simply said, "I had the chef from the Clarks' mansion send these over here."

After giving it some thought, he added, "If you don't like cooking, just leave it to Claire!"

Madelyn quickly responded, "Don't bother, I'll do the cooking." She knew Benjamin valued his privacy, and having Claire come over every evening would surely disturb his work. She couldn't let him sacrifice for her.

Benjamin didn't insist and quietly had his dinner.

Madelyn thought she was supposed to serve him, so she scooped a bowl of soup for him and placed it in front of him.

Benjamin looked up at her.

Madelyn whispered, "It looks delicious."

Benjamin didn't immediately drink the soup. Instead, he said meaningfully, "If you can also take the initiative when we kiss, I would be very happy."

She felt there was chemistry between them, and both of them thought of the kiss in the car.

It was so much more than just a kiss.

Madelyn's face turned red. Why was he talking about this when they had dinner?


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