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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 75

Chapter 75 She's Ruthless! Ended This Relationship Completely.

Madelyn lowered her gaze and smiled faintly.

She knew about her relationship with Benjamin, but he had never mistreated her, at least not while they were together openly and honestly.

Madelyn remained silent.

Daniel sneered in embarrassment.

He used to think she was soft, but now he realized how heartless Madelyn could be!

Yes! Why didn't he think of that before?

At the time, when he pursued Eloise, he called Madelyn to break up with her. He thought she would cry and beg him to stay, but she just stayed silent for a minute and softly said "okay".

From that day on, Madelyn never contacted him again.

It was as if their past never existed, as if she never liked him for four years. She didn't take anything from the apartment and even blocked each other's social media accounts.

She ended this relationship completely!

Sometimes, Daniel wondered if Madelyn really loved him or else how could she be so carefree?

Suddenly, he turned around and left.

After going downstairs, he took out the apartment key from his pocket and threw it in the trash can...

Madelyn stood there for a while.

Camila's voice came from inside, "Madelyn, why are you still outside?"

Madelyn responded and went inside after being calm down.

Samuel was asleep, so Madelyn prepared to leave after tidying up. Camila sent her to the door.

When Madelyn opened the door, the cigarette butts on the ground told everything.

Camila guessed what happened and became somewhat excited. "That bastard came to look for you again? Madelyn, you have to be clear-headed. Daniel is a complete bastard."

Madelyn patted Camila's hand and comforted her softly, "Don't worry. I won't."

At this time, Benjamin called.


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