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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Madelyn Is Unable to Drink, So I'll Drink for Her!

After Benjamin finished speaking, the whole room fell silent.

Mr. Clark knew about Daniel and Elizabeth's relationship, and now it was obvious that he was showing his power.


Truly worthy of being called the King of the Legal World!

In the midst of everyone's gaze, Daniel stood up.

Not only was he the Clark family's future son-in-law, but with just one word from Benjamin, he could make the Campbell Group suffer. He had to stand up.

Daniel was not only ruthless, but also flexible.

He held up his glass and lightly touched Elizabeth's, then tilted his head back and downed the entire contents.

Elizabeth didn't even react.

Daniel ignored her and stood tall next to Madelyn, pouring himself a drink and then pouring Madelyn a glass as well. He raised his glass and said, "Big brother has to drive, so I'll toast to my future sister-in-law."

Madelyn didn't expect Daniel to embarrass her like this.

Was he crazy or sick?

Vivian couldn't stand it any longer and shouted, "Daniel, you want to drink, right? I'll drink with you."

Daniel held her shoulder, preventing her from standing up.

"Ms. White! I'm talking to Madelyn!"

The scene was quiet, and everyone knew that Madelyn had chased after Daniel for four years when she was young. At this moment, Daniel's attitude was clearly making things difficult for her, and no one dared to say anything more.

Madelyn's body stiffened!

A burst of light laughter...

Benjamin gently placed one hand on Madelyn's chair back, smiling elegantly and amiably.

He asked her gently, "Can you drive?"

Madelyn nodded inexplicably, and then her hand was held by him.

Benjamin stood up again and smiled at Daniel, "Madelyn is unable to drink, so I'll drink for her!"

He had just spoken when others began to whisper.

Elizabeth had just toasted him and he said he would drive, and now he could drink?


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