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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Benjamin, Be Gentle With Me

Benjamin was tempted by lust and said dully as his lips rested against Madelyn's forehead, "I'll have Jonathan send a car for us."

Madelyn gently bit her lips.

Benjamin became a beast after he had some drinks...

Jonathan was solid and quickly sent his trusted driver to take them safely to the apartment.

Benjamin held back his sexual desire so long that he kissed Madelyn as soon as they got into the elevator. When they got home and Madelyn was changing into her slippers, he hugged her around the waist from behind and nibbled on her earlobe. "You look fine in this outfit."

Madelyn was astounded.

She thought she should go to take a shower and get herself cleaned up.

Benjamin carried her in his arms and kissed her with one hand pulling off her high heels. He was so aggressive and charming when he was fueled by sexual passion, that Madelyn couldn't break out of his arms...

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and her eyes were wild and tempting with passion.

"Benjamin, be gentle with me."

He was amorous in bed, and Madelyn was so cooperative that he had no qualms about indulging in the pleasures of sex.


Benjamin was surprised that it was the first time Madeleine made love.

Although she and Daniel had been in a relationship for four years, she hadn't had sex with him.

Benjamin did not have an obsession with virginity, but he was enchanted when the woman who made love to him was a virgin. He kissed Madelyn gingerly and said in a gentle voice, "I didn't know about it. Madelyn, you should have told me."

Otherwise, he would have been much gentler to her.

Madelyn blushed and turned her face away.

Benjamin loved her innocent and bashful look. They only made love twice...


They kissed passionately in the hotel parking lot this morning. Daniel was sitting in a black car not far away.


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