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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 90

Chapter 90 She Really Likes Benjamin 

Ms. Waylon? 

Madelyn guessed that it was Penelope from the Music Center. Penelope used to take care of her very much, so Madelyn couldn't refuse her invitation. 

Madelyn called Penelope back. 

Penelope didn't mention a lot, but just smiled and said, "It's a good thing. Let's talk about it at lunch." 

Madelyn was a little curious! 

There were still two or three hours before lunch. Madelyn measured the size of the floor-to-ceiling curtains in the living room, took pictures of the apartment, and decided to visit the furniture store in the afternoon. 

At noon, Madelyn and Penelope met in a grilled fish restaurant. Penelope liked spicy food, and Madelyn ate with her. Soon Madelyn flushed. 

When they were full, Penelope got to the point. 

"You know Elizabeth was boycotted by many parents collectively, don't you?" 

Madelyn was stunned. 

She said involuntarily, "How could it be? A few days ago, I saw her get along very well with those parents, and she looked very popular." 

Penelope smiled meaningfully. 

She said, "Madelyn, do you really don't know or pretend not to know?" 

Madelyn became serious and asked after hesitating for a moment, "Is it related to me?" 

Penelope said bluntly, "To be precise, it is related to the famous Mr. Clark. He participated in the reunion with you, and it had a strong influence on you! Madelyn... Those parents are all cunning. Now they all want to flatter Benjamin through you." 

Penelope shrugged and continued, "They strongly demanded to replace Elizabeth and want you to teach their children." 

Madelyn smiled faintly and thought, "It's the inconstancy of human relationships." 

Penelope knew Madelyn's thoughts. She was open-minded and said, "It's okay if you don't want to come back. If I were you, I would also be unwilling to endure it! Anyway, Elizabeth can't stay in the Music Center anymore. I heard that someone couldn't bear her anymore. She is crying and begging the boss in his office right now!" 

Madelyn knew it was Daniel! 

Madelyn had broken up with Daniel, but he appeared in her world in every way. However, Madelyn had no feelings for him anymore. 

Penelope cleverly said nothing more, and she even didn't ask about the relationship between Madelyn and Benjamin. 

Penelope thought, "Anyway, it's just the relationship between the two sexes!" 


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