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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 57

Someone is kicking the door.

I yawned and rubbed my eyes. I stretched my bones and felt as if I were in heaven when they sounded. That sensation is much more pleasurable than sex. I gazed at the door as if it were about to crack and the person crashing was ready to pierce her first.

I didn't stand, since I'd already heard the key ring. That implies Aiza summoned the maid to open the door to my room. As a result, I went back to bed and covered myself with a blanket because I had switched on the air conditioner before going to sleep, and it had been rather cold until now. Swimming is enjoyable during this time. I shut my eyes. As I closed my eyes, I heard the door open and the bed sink as a result of Aiza's sitting.

I did not speak and pretended to be still asleep. She can't see me because I'm covered with a blanket. When the mattress went up and down because of her bouncing, I removed the blanket on my head and then looked at her poorly. Her smile was wide and seemed to reach the sky.

I raised an eyebrow at her and leaned on the headboard. “I don't seem to feel good about your smiles.” I rolled my eyes. She broke my sleep just to give me a creepy smile.

However, I was wrong when she pulled out a beach outfit. A pair of bikinis and a blazer as covering. I lifted it to take a good look. She stood up and showed what she was wearing.

“Put that on, we're going somewhere!” Her voice was excited, but I just frowned at her great joy. That kind of pleasure seemed questionable, so I threw the ones she gave me on the bed.

“What's up? It's impossible for you to just cheer up and say that you want to take a swim?” My voice was full of doubt. My eyebrows were not moved.

“Of course not! You know what makes me smile.” She flew a kiss and then winked at me, but I acted disgusted and prevented the kiss from coming. Because of what I did, we both laughed.

By simply doing what Aiza and I were doing—I learned to laugh again. Because probably both of us were unlucky in the love of father and son, Easton. Our brains seem to be connected.


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