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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 58

The sun's beams pierced my skin. My body was scorching because I was only wearing a bikini. I was walking alone, wearing sunglasses, while Aiza was hiding someplace for fear of being seen. I was strolling with an inflatable floater in my hand. I just want to take a bath and not follow her plan. This is a fantastic day for peace and quiet. I yawned as I made my way to the shore. I'm still not seeing the Eastons. Perhaps they will not come here.

I closed my eyes and laid down on the life preserver. I was unaware that I had fallen asleep because of the cool air behind me. I may have enjoyed a tranquil day if it hadn't been for the person who flew me into the sea. My eyes were filled with the salty sea, and I swallowed the water. Despite the fact that the water was shallow, I nearly drowned.

I simply choked and coughed till I could catch my breath when I raised my face. My eyes suffer, particularly my blind eye. It was much more uncomfortable since some water got into my nostrils. When I regained my composure, I shoved the person in front of me. I can't tell who this individual is since my eye is still recuperating and is foggy. Maybe I'll be able to see again later.

“I'm sorry,” he said fiercely, in spite of the fact that I couldn't see him. My tears poured naturally, not because I was in anguish, but because my blind eye was in excruciating pain. It appears to be seasoned with chile. It simply aggravates the pain when the sun shines on it. I can see the bright beam, but not the surroundings; all I can see is the light.

“What is your problem?!” I'm uncertain if I'm staring at him or if my eyes are wandering elsewhere. Possibly, it's because I see double and I am gazing in the opposite way.

“Look, I didn't mean it like that. I thought you were one of my cousins.” We both shifted as a result of the passing wave. “Sorry. Let me assist you.” I watched him wriggle and grab my hand, but I flung it back at him.

I could feel the passage of repeated waves of water. Because I yelled at Andrius, it appears that people are flocking to us. I heard a splash of water approaching us and confirmed that someone was actually reaching us.

“What's going on here?" I heard Hugo's deep voice, so I immediately turned to him. Since the water had dried up, my sight was slowly returning. Two people were standing and facing me. Beatrice is probably the one because I envision her skinny body.

I marched away since I was certain I wouldn't like the shape of Beatrice's tongue. If that woman could still talk, you'd think you'd done something terrible to her. Even her husband's divorce, which she blamed on me at the time, became the spark that ignited the murders of Stanley and Cassandra. I tightened my hands as soon as I planted my feet on the ground. I can't believe I've felt so much rage at the Eastons. I assumed everything was still normal, but the heat within me became even hotter.

The gritty sand took me back to Aiza and my chamber, but before I could, a hand grabbed me again. My brows meet as I turn my gaze from that hand to the face of this point pilate. I would have disregarded it, but my expression altered when I noticed Hugo's anxious look. My formerly unprintable eyes and trampling on anyone I could only meet had been replaced with a dazzling and sky-high smile.

“Hugo,” I said, without taking his hand away and presenting my body and head to him. There was no roughness or rigidity in his hand; it was exactly perfect as if he was terrified of tightening his grasp on me.

“Are you okay?” he questioned, preparing to remove his hand, but I stopped him. My eyes opened as I noticed Andrius's palm clasped and his gaze deep into mine. I can't see Reya, and this is my opportunity to capture Hugo's heart.

I deleted all of my expressions. My vision has returned to normal. Everything I notice around me. I had just departed, and my reply was a pair of slightly sad eyes. I didn't exaggerate it, so he wouldn't be perplexed as to why I was exaggerating so much.

“Are you concerned?”

My voice was scarcely audible, and he seemed to be carried away with ease. Perhaps if I sing, everyone who hears it will fall asleep. I didn't take my hand off his hand because I didn't want him to release go of me.

He turned around to see whether Andrius could hear us. Take another look at the cheater. When you play dirty, you will go to any length to avoid being detected. Hopefully, I will have the same bravery as Hugo. When he ensured that no one could hear him, he nodded and flashed me a wicked grin.


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