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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 67

I'm about to enter Hugo's office. I just hope I don't run into Andrius because even though I think I'm ready after a month, I'm not confident I am. All of the staff stared at me, not just because I was new, but also because the skirt I was wearing was excessively short. I didn't pay attention to them and just went about my business. Aiza assured me that I had nothing to be concerned about since she had taken care of everything and that all I needed to do was take a trip to Hugo's office. But I was disappointed in myself because, after what had occurred to Andrius and me, I appeared to have lost my heart in vengeance. It seemed like I was squandering years on something I'd eventually regret. I groaned and pushed open the door.

"Good morning," I greeted Hugo as he scribbled something on a piece of bond paper. But he definitely didn't expect me to show up there since I noticed his look go from serious to shocked. He also dropped the pen he was using, causing it to ring on the table. I smiled brightly at him, winked, and motioned for him not to make any noise. He was still silent, and as I approached his table to flirt with him, the door opened, revealing the wet-haired Andrius.

His stare initially fell on my body, and because of his clingy eyes, I wanted to crawl under the table and avoid him. I bit the bottom of my lip and returned my sight to Hugo, who had shifted his gaze from me to his kid. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next because Aiza urged me to simply go with the flow, but how can I do that if everything is overwhelming me? When the door closed and I heard Andrius' voice from the back of my neck — I was shutting my eyes due to the heat of his breath striking my neck — I couldn't move any farther.

"The way you dress, it's as if you want to show the entire world how lovely your body is, isn't it, yet I told you that I'm the only one who can see your gorgeous body?" He hesitated for a second before placing his palm on my buttocks. Hugo couldn't see what he was doing since his hand was behind me. "If I can just lock you up so no one else can see you, that would be great with me; even if you don't get dressed, that's satisfactory with me."

Because of what he uttered, I could feel the redness on my face. My body looks like it's about to explode in the heat, like I'm a tomato. I tried to fan myself, but his hand on my ass overpowered me, and I couldn't get my mind out of there, especially with the steady soaking of my underwear. I am correct in my assumption that I am not prepared for what is about to happen, especially because Andrius is involved. Even if I had a hundred months of planning, I would be unable to return my mind to retribution since I am now swallowing how to avoid Andrius.


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