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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 68

“Why aren't you doing anything? There is a lot of paperwork that you need to work on.” Andrius mumbled in my ear when I was still standing outside Hugo's office. My hands gripped in frustration because I didn't know that Andrius would make my plan more difficult.

“Caroline… Oh, sorry, it's Samantha, right? I will be happy whenever you are wearing those clothes when you're working with me.” Andrius seductively added, which made me glared at him, and tried to smack his face. Andrius didn't even dodge, he smirked, and I wished that I could wipe the smirk on his lips.

I angrily walked away from Hugo's office, and I felt that Andrius was following me. He was whistling, and I knew that he was trying to make me more irritable. I was about to go inside of the elevator when I saw Reya inside it with Beatrice.

I smiled sweetly, and I saw Hugo's reflection beside Andrius. I didn't know that Hugo was walking with us, he's too fast.

“Hi!” I happily greeted Reya, which made her clench her teeth in disgust. Beatrice was giving me a deathly glare, and I knew that she was hoping that she could smack my face.

Reya gritted her teeth, and slapped my legs. I winced in pain, but I made sure that she could see how I was giving her a grin now. Hugo came forward and hid from his behind.

Reya widened her eyes in so much anger because of me. I'm happy that she was mad at me. I felt successful.

“Mrs. Easton, I didn't do anything wrong but you're mad at me.” I acted like an innocent lady in front of her. Reya massaged her nape, and acted like she was having a heart attack.

“Bitch!” Reye yelled, and was about to smack my legs once again when Hugo stopped her by holding her hand.

“Dad, what are you doing to mom? She's mad because she's madly jealous!” Andrius tried to defend Reya's action and made me give him a murderous stare. Andrius was giving me a sharp look as if he was mad for what I was doing.

“Mr. Easton, I'm fine. It looks like Mrs. Easton isn't too happy with her life. I know how it feels. Sadly, since you appointed me as your son's secretary, I'm resigning.” I sweetly announced which made Andrius scowl as if I was deciding something was wrong.

“I need to go home now…” I added, and I left the elevator when I saw that another elevator had opened. I quickly closed it when I saw that Andrius was about to enter. Shit! I wanted to smack Andrius' face, but I didn't want him to see that I'm affected by his stupid actions.

I knew that Andrius would follow me so I took my phone and dialed Aiza's number because I needed someone to pick me up too fast.

“I need someone who can pick me up now.” I gritted my teeth, and walked out in the elevator. I was panting when I ran out from the company, and when I saw Aiza's driver. I came inside of the car, and minutes passed when Andrius came, and it looked like he was looking for me.

Andrius, you're so stupid to think I will let you catch me. As I watched how Andrius tried to find me, Aiza called my phone, so I picked it up and answered her call.

“What happened? Did something bad happen? You will work with Hugo, right?” I felt terrible for Aiza because she expected me to succeed in our plan. But Andrius always hindered me from being with his father.

“Yes, there is. Hugo assigned me to be Andrius secretary because I didn't work after I got hired. I think it's Andrius who keeps trying to sabotage my plans.” I answered at Aiza.

Aiza chuckled, and I didn't know but I felt irritated because of how she laughed at me. I was so annoyed, and she still dared to laugh as if I wasn't stressed.

“It looks like Andrius wanted you so much. I want you to break Hugo's heart however, since Andrius kept stopping us. Why don't you accept as his secretary? You can get his company if you want.” Aiza suggested.

“That company killed my family and my neighbors in the demolition area. I don't like to do that!” My tone raised, and I massaged my temple when it was aching.

“Get the company. Ruin it as long as you want. Make them know how to be poor. Caroline, you don't need to be scared when you do that. I will support you. They're the ones who killed your daughter, right?” Aiza's words made me gulp because I didn't know what I should do next. But she was right.

There was a part of me that wanted to do that thing. I'm sure Reya would be frustrated when she discovered everything. Or maybe, I think she knew that my father had a share in that fucking company. They killed them so they could get everything that my father owned.

“Caroline, there will be no more return. Hurt them as long as you want.” Aiza added and ended the call.

I wasn't the old Caroline anymore so I needed to call someone who could get the shares in the company.

“Attorney. Alvarez? It's me, Caroline.” I spoke to the last man that I thought could help me.

I asked Attorney Alvarez to meet me at the coffee shop. He didn't believe that I'm the Caroline Miller that he knew, especially when I sat on the chair as I saw him sitting alone.

“Attorney Alvarez,” I called his name, and he glimpsed at me and pointed to himself.


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