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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 70

Maxine went to the nearest table with the man who was with her the last time I saw her. I blinked my eyes because this spot was my favorite place and now it looked like Maxine loved to stay here too.

“Damn that bitch! I can’t believe that Beatrice did these things to me. I feel ashamed and I didn’t have the face to be with my family because of her.” Maxine complained and I don’t understand why I felt terrible for her. It looked like she was the black sheep to their family, and their family quickly believed whatever they might heard about Maxine.

“Maxine, it looks like your sister is mad at you after what you had done.” The man said, and held Maxine’s hand. The man who was with Maxine looked like a real bad influence to her but because she loved him, Maxine couldn’t distinguish that the man in front of her was like her too.

“I think we should teach her the lesson that she needed to get. How could she treat you like this? You are the woman that I loved, and I don’t like you to be treated like this. Maxine, teach her a lesson. All you always did to her was to protect her, and even did something bad for her. This is what she will repay you.” The man murmured but I still heard what he had been telling Maxine.

Maxine nodded which made me smirked because our plans worked out too fast. My phone vibrated and I saw that it was Attorney Alvarez, he was asking me if I’m still available because we needed to talk about the case that we needed to file.

I think I needed to get Aiza, too. I wanted her to know the attorney who was helping me. After I heard what Maxine was planning, I waited for them to leave before I left too.

“Samantha.. You didn’t tell me that we will going to meet someone. How could you do this to me? Did you see my outfit today?” Aiza continued complaining but she didn’t resist by my hold. She went inside the car because Attorney Alvarez told me that we should meet in his house so Andrius’ family wouldn’t know that I was Caroline. Although, I still couldnt understand why Andrius didn’t even tell everything to his family about me.

If Andrius wanted his family to know that I'm Caroline, he would tell them that the Samantha who kept seducing his father was Caroline. I still didn't know how Andrius know that I'm Caroline, how? Did she investigate me?

“We will going to see my lawyer. He wanted us to meet in his house, and I don't want to meet him alone there. Aiza, why are you acting like that? I thought you are now happy with the man that always called you.” After I mentioned the man that Aiza had been talking, she gave me a death stare.

“I called him a lot. And he didn't even dare to answer my phone call, how dare he! Once I saw him again, I swear that I will cut his balls. A woman like me didn't deserve to be treated like this.” Aiza groaned, and be silent for the whole ride. It looked like she was so sad that the man didn't called her again.

“Aiza, you are too beautiful. You don't need someone who will treat you as an option. Do you understand me?” I held Aiza's hand so she nodded at me too quickly. When I reached Attorney Alvarez's house, we both went inside like what he had said to us. I was shocked the he had a big house because it looked like he was too simple.

“Is your attorney single?” Aiza freaked out but she stopped when she heard a coughed. I smiled at Attorney Alvarez who was giving Aiza a murderous gaze. Wait, did they know each other?

“Attorney Alvarez, it is nice to see you again. I felt bad to make your life at risk because of the case." I pulled Aiza but she didn't want to see Attorney Alvarez, who was strange to me. “Oh, she's my friend. She's Aiza. I'm sorry if I needed to bring her here without your permission.”

Attorney Alvarez didn't remove his sight from Aiza, which made me cross my arms and feel my overprotective side towards Aiza. “Attorney, did you know my sister? You two are weird.”

I arched my brow when Aiza mouthed that she didn't know my lawyer, who made Attorney Alvarez's face darken.

“That woman blocked me because I didn't call her today.” Attorney Alvarez said, which made my eyes expand in surprise. What!

Oh my! No! I couldn't believe that the man that Aiza had been seeing was my lawyer. I didn't even react when Attorney Alvarez took Aiza away from me. I glanced at the couch, and I didn't have the time to follow them because I didn't want to witness what they might do.

It was a small world. My family connected with the Easton, and now Aiza had a relationship with my lawyer. I felt my phone vibrate, and I saw that it was an unknown number.

‘How can you go to a man's house, Caroline? Do you want me to fuck you in front of that man? I will make sure that you will regret going inside his house.’


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