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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 69

“What happened to you?” Aiza asked me when I reached her house. She opened the door widely and I could notice that she was shocked when she saw my expression. She trained me to control my emotion but now, I think I already failed her because I couldn’t stop myself from getting emotional.

“Nothing..” I couldn’t stop myself from lying to her. Why do Andrius' reactions keep haunting me? I felt guilty for making him sad as if she was the one who ruined my life. Maybe there was a part that he was but it was his family, who perfectly ruined me whenever they had a chance.

I wanted to avenge my daughter and Stanley but I didn’t know how? I was over confident when I went to Andrius' father but now, I feel that the wall that I built crashed because of Andrius. I feel that I wasted Aiza’s effort to have her revenge too.

“Samantha… I know that it is exhausting on your part that you are trying to seduce him. I feel bad that I’m using you for my own gain. We all have separate battles that we are facing.. But I want to say this to you that I treated you as my sister and not as my employee that I hired to act as my sister.. I know that there is something wrong but I will wait for you to talk to me whenever you want..” Aiza couldn’t stop herself from telling me. My mouth parted when I felt that my heart squeezed as if she was squeezing it. My tears formed in my eyes which tried to stop it from falling.

I don’t want to hurt Aiza so much. I don’t want to make her think that she wasted her time and wealth for me. I don’t want to disappoint her.

“Caroline…” When Aiza called me in my true name my tears betrayed me. My tears didn’t stop falling on cheeks that I gasped because I could feel that I’m lacking oxygen. “You are my sister. If you didn’t want to continue our plans, I understand. I realized that it is not worth it to have revenge. I can ask God to do that for me, what do you think?” she asked me.

“Aiza.. I didn’t know that you’re a religious person.” I couldn’t stop myself from making fun of Aiza which made her give a death glare. I winced in pain when she smacked my shoulders. Her cheeks were pinkish in so much embarrassment.

“Shut up. Of course, I believe that there is God existing and I do believe that what we are experiencing is part of the trials that we need to pass. Maybe, He knew that you could pass this trial. All you need to do is to trust Him.” Aiza’s words made me sob because I felt confused about what I should do next. Aiza hugged me tightly and I was hoping that she wouldn’t leave me anymore.

“I don’t like him anymore.. I found someone who can make me happy. Well, I’m ashamed because while you’re thinking how to get the revenge that I want, I accidentally slept with someone..” Aiza looked away and I couldn’t stop myself from pinching her waist. She groaned in pain so I hugged her back.

“How could you sleep with someone while I’m having a hard time with your plans? Did you know that I’m so stressed because I don’t want to disappoint you?” I complained which made Aiza chuckle. She moved away when I was about to pinch her again.

“So what are your plans? Why don’t you use Andrius to make yourself better? I don’t want to recommend that you should sleep with him because I know that you are secretly sleeping with him. He’s kinda possessive but I don’t like a man like that. I think he was so good in bed that’s why you can’t even forget about him.”

I moaned when I heard how Aiza teased me. Well, she was right that Andrius was so good in bed. She was right that I couldn’t forget Andrius. My feelings for Andrius made me confused terribly at the same time. I love him and I’m willing to do whatever he wants but I hate him at the same time. Maybe, if he wasn’t a son of those murderers, I think I can do everything for our relationship to work by any chance.

“Caroline, they are waiting for you.” Attorney Alvarez called me. I knew that they were all shocked when they discovered that I was alive. I don’t want them to see that Samantha and Caroline were one.

“Make them wait. I know that they are waiting for me so they can kill me.” Aiza informed me that I should be more careful when meeting them. She was helping me to investigate everything. She told me that I shouldn’t expose myself for now because we all needed to find the truth.

“Okay, I understand what you wanted me to do. I’m your legal attorney and I will do everything to make you safe. I will tell them that you didn’t feel to be with them, and I will file this case in court.” Attorney Alvarez told me before he ended the call. I was pushing the cart when I saw a familiar woman, it was Maxine.

Maxine was laughing with a man, and it looked like she was happily having a relationship while I’m suffering. My mind went out, and I could hear Cassandra’s cries when Maxine yelled at her ears. My daughter was crying so loud in Stanley’s arms.

“Do you want us to buy it outside the marketplace? Maxine, I don’t like to wait anymore, I want to get high as soon as possible. Why don't you ask your sister to buy those things for us so she would know that we are severe when we blackmail her.” The man who was with Maxine almost yelled. It looked like Maxine was madly in love with that man.

“We should wait for her. I know that she will do anything to get that powder. I don't like to always ask her because I don't want her to think that I will hurt her.” Maxine replied and giggled when she hugged the man who was with her.

My lips trembled, and I gritted my teeth because I would make sure that Maxine would see my wrath against her. How could she be so happy without even feeling any slight guilt for what she had done to my daughter?


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