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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 650

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"So what you meant is that shes the daughter of the noble consort, and youre the daughter of a concubine, Ziyun?"

Manor Master always had good taste in choosing friends.

If she was in a good relationship with that Long Ao Kingdoms noble consort, then that noble consorts character must be quite commendable. Therefore, her daughter would never be malicious as well.

That was what the truth was

"No, Im Ziyan. Ive been living with this name for so many years. Therefore, Im Ziyan for the rest of my life." Ziyan laughed. "Actually, it doesnt matter if Im Ziyan or not, the noble consort died six years ago, and my biological mother is dead too. And also, Long Ao Kingdom has already fallen"

So, would it be any difference to find out who she was?

"Nevermind, since I have Talons Gate behind me and my future wont be any worse either. On the contrary, look at you, a traitor who has been expelled. Do you think you can do any better than me? Now, youre still here to entangle yourself with me, if Zhao Yao ever finds out, he will definitely kill you!"

Qing Yuan slowly closed his eyes

His fists were trembling.

At the same time, the scene of the woman falling into a pool of blood played in his mind again. He suddenly opened his fierce eyes, and with a swing, his hand was already choking Ziyan.

"Youve stolen her life and lived using her identity. You have also pretended to be the one who had saved me, but why didnt you let go of her? Why do you want to ruin her face and silence her?"

It was his fault!

It was all his fault!

It was he who did not see through things clearly and who had allowed Yuner to suffer so much pain instead of him.

He must be blamed for all these things!

"Qing Yuan, what are you doing?" Ziyan looked panicked. "She was only a disfigured ugly monster, is she worthy for you to offend Talons Gate? Dont forget that you dont have Fengyun Manor behind you now, and youre also powerless! What makes you think you are capable of fighting against Talons Gate?"


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