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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 651

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"Master, quick, save me"

Zhao Yaos face darkened as he stared at Ziyans face maliciously. His eyes were as sharp as blades when he looked at her, he could not help but feel like tearing this damned woman into a thousand pieces.


A shriek came from the sky before Zhao Yao could speak.

Immediately, a figure quickly pounced on Ziyan and pushed her onto the ground.

Ziyan was shocked.

She stared at the crazy angry woman, dumbfounded, as she covered her swollen cheeks with her hands. Her eyes were filled with shock.

This tigress why was she here?

"You b*tch, arent you always lusting for man? Ill let you seduce a man now. Today, Ill find a hundred men and let you enjoy them!" Fei Xue was so angry as she stomped on Ziyans chest. She grabbed her hair, dragged her up so that she was standing upright before she violently slapped her over and over again.

Suddenly, the face that was as pretty as a flower and as clear as jade before swelled up like a pigs. It was not as attractive and as breathtaking as it was before.

With a cold fear in Ziyans heart, she did not say anything. She lifted her head, stunned, and shot a glance at Zhao Yao.


Why did he bring the tigress along?

Did he want her to die?

"B*tch, keep on looking, would you? Ill poke your eyes until you go blind if you keep looking!" Fei Xue was really enraged. Even though she did not plan to live together with Zhao Yao anymore, Zhao Yao was still her husband then. How could she flirt with her husband with her eyes in front of her? It was no different from Ziyan stepping on her face on the ground when she did that!

Ziyan gulped and forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


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