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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 653

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Qing Yuan lifted the sword in his hand and walked toward Ziyan, slowly.

"Yuner died because of you.I no longer love you. I did not try to hurt you before as I had to handle her burial. Now that she is resting in peace in her grave, I am here for revenge!"

"You have just met her a few times. Has she actually become so important that your memories of her are more significant than the days we have spent together? You fell for another lady so quickly!" Ziyans lips were trembling slightly.

Originally, Hong Yu did not want to get involved. However, after hearing Ziyans words, she merely sneered.

"Qing Yuan has fallen for another lady? How can you say that? He has sacrificed a lot because of you, but what does he get in the end? How did you treat him?"

Qing Yuan did not want to waste time with Ziyan. In a blink of an eye, an overwhelming aura was emitted out of him, dispersing in all directions, turning the whole world cold and dull.

"You are still a Dark Warrior? I thought your your strength was weakened?" Ziyans face stiffened.

"The manor lady is not a ruthless person after all."

Qing Yuan did not know about Feng Ruqings good intentions previously. He had only regained his strength yesterday night. At that moment, he could not help feeling guilty.

Feng Ruqing did this as she wanted Qing Yuan to see Ziyans true colors, but what had Qing Yuan done? He had betrayed the entire Fengyun clan because of Ziyan.

Even though Qing Yuan knew that Ziyan had deceived him, he still could not let go of her. If not for Yuners death, he would never come to his senses.

However, this lesson was way too great that he could not handle it.

"Why why did it turn out to be like this?" Ziyan took a few steps backward as she clenched her fists tightly.


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