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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 652

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"Ziyan, youre such a vicious woman. Am I not treating you good enough? Everything you have asked for, Ive given it to you. Have I done anything wrong to you? Why do you malign me?" Zhao Yao gritted his teeth tightly. "If youve told me earlier that Feng Ruqing is Fengyun Manors Lady, I would never have dared to hurt or trouble her!"

Zhao Yao stared at Fei Xue sadly as soon as he finished speaking.

"Xueer, its Ziyan who has put me up to this. It was she who instigated me to tell you that Feng Ruqing took away the Tier-5 spirit beast when she failed to seduce me. It was all Ziyan!"

Fei Xue was so angry as she slapped and forcefully pressed Ziyans head against the wall.

"B*tch. You wanted to kill me and destroy my whole Talons Gate?!"

That was Fengyun Manors Lady!

If she had really listened to Zhao Yao and wanted to trouble Feng Ruqing, Fengyun Manor would definitely take revenge on Talons Gate soon!

Fei Xue suddenly came to her senses and said, "Now I get it. You purposely hid Feng Ruqings identity because you wanted me to get on with her. If I killed her, then Fengyun Manor will kill me, what a brilliant trick of killing two birds with one stone. If the people of Fengyun Manor did not arrive then, I would have really been fooled by you!"

Qing Yuan looked at Fei Xue coldly.

If Fei Xue really got fooled, Talons Gate would no doubt be destroyed.

However for Manor Lady, she would still remain unharmed.

A Talons Gate wife was not capable of hurting her.

"B*tch!" Zhao Yao had also come to his senses at that moment too. He angrily rushed toward Ziyan. "You intentionally want me dead! Do you really think that Talons Gate will not be in trouble after killing Feng Ruqing? Talons Gate will be doomed! You this woman, what the hell is your brain made of? So stupid!"

Ziyans body went stiff. Indeed, she had never considered if that would put Talons Gate in trouble.

For her, it did not matter if Talons Gate got destroyed since she would find a new man again

She would not care much since it was not a big deal



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