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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 655

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"Themistressof Fengyun clan has put in so much effort on me but I have let her down. I have also failed the manor lady and Yuner. I have lost Yuner. I cant afford to lose Fengyun clan too Even though I am not going back to Fengyun Manor, I am still part of Fengyun clan."

Even if the mistress of Fengyun clan did not forgive him, he would rush back to Fengyun Manor if the clan was in trouble.


Hong Yu sighed as she walked toward Qing Yuan. She patted his shoulder and gave him a few words of comfort.

"Qing Yuan, we will always be your friend. When you have time, come and visit us at Fengyun Manor. Everyone in the clan felt so sad when you had decided to leave Fengyun Manor because of Ziyan"

Qing Yuans fists tightened, his eyes were filled with regret.

"I am sorry however, there is no point crying over spilled milk."

Qing Yuan had left the whole world behind because of Ziyan. It was worthwhile if only Ziyan was true to him. However, it turned out that not only was Ziyan deceiving him for such a long time, but she had also even drawn him away from his family. Qing Yuan was such a fool!

"Hong Yu help me to thank the manor lady. If not for her, Ziyan would not have revealed her true colors. Also, I wouldnt have known who my real benefactor is." Qing Yuan raised his eyes, his delicate face seemed sad.

"I will not do that. You must tell her yourself in the future. The manor lady may seem ruthless to those who go against her, but she is gentle and kind," Hong Yu said, anxiously.

"I feel embarrassed to meet her." Qing Yuan smiled wryly.


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