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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 656

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Qing Yuan set out determined, all alone. Simply no one could stop him.

"Sigh will I meet him again in my life?"Fifth Elder sighed deeply.

"He has someone he wants to be with. Perhaps, as long as he stays by her side, even if it is just a grave, he is actually happier than going back to Fengyun Manor," Hong Yu said with a faint smile.

She knew that Qing Yuan was seeking forgiveness from the woman, Yuner, in his own way. Hence, she did not stop him.

"However, Qing Yuan is too soft-hearted. Although he killed Ziyan, he let her die too easily. Even the lady of Talons Gate was more ruthless than him." Hong Yus eyes fell on Ziyan slowly. She narrowed her eyes as she said, "That is Qing Yuan. He can never be ruthless to anyone."

Cough cough

"Hong Yu, are we going to Liu Yun Kingdom? Would the manor lady meet me? What if she chases me out of the kingdom?" Fifth Elder coughed, seemingly awkward.

"The manor lady is very gentle."

Feng Ruqing was very gentle, especially to the ladies.

"If you are really afraid of her, put some fake freckles on your face. She will never be mad at you if you do that."

Thats a good idea. Fifth Elder pondered for a while.

"Alright, I will do that."

In order to seek forgiveness from Feng Ruqing, he did not even care for his reputation, let alone his dignity.


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