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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 658

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Slightly startled, Mu Lings eyes were full of dejection. A sense of bitterness crept onto his lips.

"Suyi she will only be back if you move out. However, you have sacrificed too much for the Mu family. How can I let you go?"

"Sister Suyi said so? I know that she doesnt want me to stay here. Brother Ling, dont worry. As long as you can always come and visit me, I will move out when she comes back" Qingyan said with a weak smile, her body stiff.

"Becauseyou are the only family member I have in this world." Qingyans eyes were filled with pain as she held tightly onto Mu Lings hand.

"It would be so great if Suyi could be as thoughtful as you. I have been extremely patient and giving her too much affection. However, she never appreciates the things that I have done. She is spoiled and inconsiderate." Mu Ling smiled bitterly, his hand on Chen Qingyans back stiffened.

Chen Qingyan rubbed her palm forcefully. When Mu Ling did not notice, a glimmer of wickedness flashed in her eyes.

It was true that Mu Ling was patient enough with Suyi. No matter how bratty Suyi was and how much trouble she brought, Mu Ling had never, even the slightest bit, blamed her.

As for Qingyan, she had come into Mu Lings life way before Suyi. If the old master did not stop Mu Ling from marrying her, Suyi could have never stepped into the Mu family. Nevertheless, Qingyan must be gentle and considerate in order to capture Mu Lings heart. It was such an irony of fate.

Chen Qingyans face was ghastly pale. She could feel a stinging sensation at her heart as if it was pricked by a needle. Her once smiling face turned gloomy. She faked a smile but her eyes were filled with desolation.

"Brother Ling, since Xianer has fallen for someone out there, why dont you just let him marry her?"


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