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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 657

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Mu Yongs eyes lit up as he gritted his teeth tightly.

"Young Manor Master, Young Master Nan Xian did not pet the black dragon. He took it away because a lady wanted the black dragon. He did it to win the ladys heart."

"What did you just say? That doomed young rebel took the black dragon away because of a lady? Qingyan is my wife. She is also Nan Xians aunt. He has actually disregarded Qingyan because of a lady? He cant even tell who is more important?" Mu Lings cold eyes pierced into Mu Yongs. His face darkened a few shades.

If Nan Xian took the black dragon away for his own benefits despite the fact that Mu Ling would get mad, he would have never come up to this extent. It was fine if Nan Xian had crippled Han Fengs cultivation because of a lady as Han Feng was just a secret guard. However, Qingyan was his aunt!

Mu Ling did not care if Nan Xian disliked Qingyan. He also knew that Nan Xian would stop him from getting the black dragon if Nan Xian knew that it was meant for Qingyan.However, he could never sit back when Nan Xian disregarded Qingyans health because of a lady.

Mu Ling would never interfere with the conflict between Nan Xian and Mu Xi. Otherwise, he would not warn Mu Xi not to mess with Feng Ruqing.Mu Ling felt that it was absolutely fine if Nan Xian only cared about Suyi and had left the Mu family for years. Nan Xian even gave Qingyan the cold shoulder. However, Nan Xian must not put Qingyan into trouble just because of a lady.

"Mu Ling dont blame Xianer. Since I am not Sister Suyi, it is natural that Xianer doesnt care about me. After all, he is Sister Suyis son. He only needs to care about Sister Suyi." Chen Qingyan held onto Mu Lings hand as she smiled wryly. Her face was drained of color.

Seeing Chen Qingyans hands were shivering but still pretending to be strong, Mu Lings heart was broken.

"Qingyan, Nan Xian is my son, and you are my wife. Hence, he must respect you. Its fine if Suyi is the person he cares about the most. But you must be the second person he cares for. Not to mention that he did this to you because of a lady, he cant even make sarcastic remarks when talking to you."

Mu Ling knew that Nan Xian had held grudges against the Mu family for years. Hence, he did not stop Nan Xian for being so cold to everyone in the Mu family.

However, this time, Mu Ling would never allow Nan Xian to do this. Since Nan Xian was Mu Lings son, he must learn to respect his wife.

"Brother Ling, you know Xianer very well. You want him to come back to the Mu family, dont you? You cant be too strict with him. Dont worry about me. The Mu family is more important. Dont go against him." Chen Qingyan smiled as she shook her head.

Originally, Mu Ling was burning with rage. However, after listening to Qingyan, he gradually regained his composure.

"Qingyan, you have sacrificed a lot for the Mu family. It must be very hard for you" Mu Ling tightened his grip on Qingyans hands.

Chen Qingyan lowered her eyes and buried her head into Mu Lings embrace bashfully. The corner of her lips curved into a faint smile.

"Thats nothing. You are the person I love the most and my eternal salvation. Moreover, Sister Suyi is so in love with you. It is only natural that she holds grudges against me I feel so bad for both of you. Its all because of me. So, I will treat Xianer better." Chen Qingyan raised her head. Her eyes were filled with helplessness and grievances.

"However, Xianer has never given me any chance. I really hope that both of them will come back to the Mu family so that I can make up to them."


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