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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 661

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"Oh? The last time I met her, she made a pass at me. I thought that" Suyi said in bewilderment.

Nan Xians face darkened. An icy cold aura emitted from him and turned the surrounding air turned cold.

"You should go back."

"I will go back if she comes with me." Suyi sneered.

"If you are here, its hard for us to have kids," Nan Xian said. His face was cold and aloof.

"I already have a granddaughter and grandson. I am fine if there are just two of them," Suyi said, contemptuously.

"Since when do you have grandchildren?" Nan Xian could feel that something was wrong as he asked.

"Bastard! How can you say this? Both Fu Chen and Qing Han are your kids, but you are actually saying that you dont like Qinger back then! You have just admitted it just now. I dont care why Qinger forgives you, I must take her away!" Suyis cold gaze pierced Nan Xians eyes.

Nan Xian sank into silence. He thought that Suyi had found out that Nan Xian came to Liu Yun Kingdom because of Feng Ruqing. He had never thought that Suyi was actually talking about the two spirit herbs.

Just as Suyi wanted to continue rebuking Nan Xian, a carefree voice spoke.

"Both of them are spirit herbs that have turned into human form."

As soon as Nan Xian finished his words, Suyis body stiffened. She stared at Nan Xian, startled.

"They are spirit herbs, not your kids with Qinger?"


"You truly didnt do something evil?" Suyi could not believe the things that Nan Xian had said.

"I am not Mu Ling and Qinger is not you." Nan Xian stared at Suyi nonchalantly.


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