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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 662

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She did not know anything about that. Therefore, what Nan Xian said seemed to spark some ideas in her.

"What if I have some freckles on my face too?"

It seems that having freckles on ones face is the trend now in Liu Yun Kingdom. What if I have some on my face?


Nan Xian calmed down. Nobody seemed to notice that he had just exhaled in relief.


Hence, Feng Ruqing was having the shock of her life when Suyi returned to the princesss manor. She was so shocked that she dropped the book in her hand. She looked at the face that was covered in freckles. She was stunned.

"You what are you doing?"

"Oh!" Suyi touched the freckles on her face. She said, calmly, "I went out and got this. Im infected by the others."

Feng Ruqing was speechless.

Its the first time that I have heard of thisthat one can get infected by freckles!

Suyi seemed not to notice Feng Ruqings astonishment. She walked into the manor.

Feng Ruqing turned her head gingerly and looked at the only ordinary girls in her manor.

"Whats wrong with these people recently?"

Qing Ling blinked. She was confused. "It might be a trend. Liu Li, what if we get some freckles on our faces too?"

Liu Li did not know how to respond to that.

Feng Ruqing inhaled deeply. Please dont do that.

My beautiful people!

"Young Lady, Im back!"

At that moment, Hong Yus voice was heard. Feng Ruqing raised her head and looked. She soon saw a girl in green clothes who was walking toward them with a smile on her face.


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