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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 669

She would never leave Feng Ruqings side because of what she had said.

"You cultivate here. Ill go to Paramount."

Feng Ruqing smiled happily and patted Hong Yus head. Then, she turned and walked out of the manor.

The palace maids stared at Hong Yu jealously. They bit the handkerchiefs in their hands hard.

They had always felt that Young Lady favored Guardian Hong Yu.

Is it because of the lack of freckles on our faces?

That must be it!

The palace maids seemed determined.

Surely, they were almost kicked out of the princesss manor when Feng Ruqing returned and saw what they did.


"An Cui, did you say that Nan Xian lives here?"

There was a plump body in the imperial city of Liu Yun Kingdom. She was as fat as a giant mountain. She held a pigs feet with one hand while holding a chicken drumstick in another. Her mouth was oily from all the food that she ate. But, her eyes were bright with a soft glow.

"The people from the Mu family said that Nan Xian likes me. So, he came to ask for my hand in marriage. Is that true?"

She would never believe that someone would like her in this world up until now.

Hes such a perfect person!

Its fine even if I have to marry him as long as I can find someone who likes me.

An Cui lowered her eyes. There was disdain in her eyes but she did not show it on her gentle face.

"Cousin, surely its true. The Mu family told us that its Young Master Nan Xian who has proposed to marry you. You dont believe us. But, dont you believe what the Mu family has said?" An Cui laughed gently. Her voice was so soft and gentle that it was irresistible to any man in the world.

Ill never bring this idiot to this awful place if not for having the chance of meeting Young Master Nan Xian!


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