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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 668

Ones true strength was everything!

Hence, only a few people agreed with Lei Yun when he voiced out his request. She could not bear to see those who were willing to come to the princesss manor weaker than anyone else! Their cultivation should not be affected.

Not only were the palace maids shocked, but Hong Yu herself also could not help but raise her head in shock. She stared at Feng Ruqing in disbelief.

Grade-4 spirit herbs? An infinite supply?

It was a fact that the Fengyun clan owned a few mountains of herbs. So, there was a huge amount of spirit herbs in the manor.

Similarly, there were a lot of disciples in the Fengyun clan. The number of talented people there was high too.

The spirit herbs could not be shared among the disciples equally even if they were in abundance.

Hence, it was extremely difficult to compete for the spirit herbs. It was an impossible thing to have an infinite supply of the spirit herbs.

"Young Lady" Hong Yu voiced out, fearfully. "Its extremely difficult for them to make a breakthrough in a few months even if there is an infinite supply of spirit herbs."

The palace maids were Spirit Warriors.

It was extremely difficult to make a breakthrough once a person reached Spirit Warrior tier.

"Its fine. You can drink the spirit wine in the wine cellar whenever you like. Ill ask the people from the Iron-Blooded Troop to cultivate with you."

Feng Ruqing ordered Tang Zi to recruit more forces for the Iron-Blooded Troop after listening to the state preceptors suggestion that day.

The time went by and the matter of recruitment should be completed by now. It was time for them to cultivate their bodies and souls.

"Young Lady," Hong Yu seemed to realize that something was wrong. She frowned slightly. "Are you trying to improve the strength of the Fengyun clan? Why"

"Its because I have made too many enemies."

Feng Ruqing shrugged, nonchalantly.

"Enemies?" Hong Yu stared in disbelief. "For example"

"Does the Divine Herbs Sect count as one?"

She killed Gu Zhenyang and it was impossible that the Divine Herbs Sect would not do anything about it.

Now, the Divine Herbs Sect was only afraid of Nan Xian. They would surely come and seek revenge from the Fengyun clan if they were ever given a chance.


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