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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 671

An Cui bit her lip. "How would I know? You need to ask her."

Tang Yin sneered and turned to look at the crowd surrounding them. "Then, well ask the crowd if Xiao Qing pushed her."

An Cui was nervous.

She had picked Feng Ruqing just now because she had only seen her from the back.

She did not see that she was that captivating.

What if everyone in Liu Yun Kingdom knows her?


Its impossible that everyone would know her even if shes very beautiful. I need to try my luck.

"What can this group of people say?" An Cui smiled gently. "There might be some of her relatives or friends among them. They would surely side with her."

A sarcastic laugh broke from the crowd when An Cui was done talking.

More and more people laughed in the crowd. Their laughter was piercing and unendurable.

"Young girl, were just ordinary people. Its impossible that were the princesss relatives or friends."

"Thats right! Shes not only our princess but shes also our hero! Our princess would never do such a thing!"

"But, its hard to say if it had happened in the past. Our princess was rather rude before. She was also a two hundred and fifty-pound woman. Shes totally different now"

Feng Ruqings facial expression darkened.

Will they ever forget about the fact that I was a two hundred and fifty-pound woman before?

Do they care about my feelings when they speak of that in front of me?

I might have been too gentle and nice now to the point where the people are daring enough to talk about me like that in front of me!


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