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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 672

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"Big fattie." Tang Ying tugged at Gu Yiyi sleeves and said, "Why do you want to lose weight? Well, theres nothing wrong being fat, at least Xiao Qing will praise you."

Unlike her

Xiao Qing had never said she was cute before.

Gu Yiyis eyes seemed to be filled with confusion. "Because I want to marry someone, I want to marry my future fiance."

Tang Yin pursed her little lips. "Whats so good about men? Let me tell you, all the men are big pig hoofs! Look at Manor Lady Xiao Qing, shes not only pretty and gentle but also powerful and strong. Its better to marry Xiao Qing than marry a man, you dont have to give birth to a baby too."

Gu Yiyi was silent for a while before she spoke, "Men are said to be gentle but thats all a lie. I had been deceived before. Those people deceived me by saying that my fiance is gentle but in the end Hehe, luckily, Im sober enough or else, I would have been terribly deceived."

Gu Yiyi seemed dumbfounded.

The Mu family also said that Nan Xian was very gentle

Was that a lie too?

"You should look at Manor Lady Xiao Qing first, shes the real gentle person."

Tang Yin used her hands to hold her cheeks, she looked vividly cute with her smile.

"But" Gu Yiyi frowned. "Im here because of my fiance."

"Huh, so what? At first, I came to Liu Yun Kingdom to look for my fiance too, but then I met Xiao Qing, it was such a pity that" Tang Yin pursed her lips. "My Xiao Qing had been seduced by a coquette!"

Feng Ruqing dragged Gu Yiyi to her side before she could speak out her thoughts.

With a sense of coldness in the young girls eyes, she looked at An Cui expressionlessly, "If you let me hear you insult an overweight person again, Ill turn you into a fattie!"

She had the spirit herbs which was able to cut down weight, but also the spirit herbs which could make a person gain weight!

Since she despised fattie so much, she would turn her into a fattie that everyone would hate!

"You" Tears flooded in An Cuis eyes as she turned to look at Gu Yiyi. "Cousin, cant you see how she is treating me?"



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