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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 676

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Gu Yiyis face contorted in rage.

In the reclusive world, nobody would ever dare to defy her whenever she mentioned her fathers name. However, these fellows did not even pay her any attention and had even humiliated her!

"You dont have to explain much to them since theyre here for me." Feng Ruqing gently smiled and dragged Gu Yiyi behind her again. "Ill send you off from this place first, and dont forget to bring along the spirit herbs to Paramount."

Gu Yiyi was quiet. She allowed Feng Ruqing to drag her arms to prevent herself from getting hurt by those swift and violent attacks.

She really wanted to ask

They were both women, but how could Feng Ruqing have such massive strength?

Feng Ruqing dragged her back and forth while she looked calm and relaxed.

"Spirit Warrior?"

The green-robed man stared at Feng Ruqing as something cold flashed in his eyes.

Second Elder did not mention that this woman was a Spirit Warrior when he commanded them to attack her

A murderous intention flashed in his eyes as he threw the dagger from his hand. Feng Ruqing grabbed Gu Yiyis hand and they both evaded the dagger.

The dagger stabbed deeply into the tree behind them. Feng Ruqing watched and turned around. Her eyes looked cold.

"Little girl, youre quite agile." The green-robed man sneered. "However, youre going to be buried here today."


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