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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 675

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Feng Ruqing did not stay after Tang Yin left. She wanted to head over to Paramount as soon as she turned around.

Suddenly, a gust of sword wind struck her from the front. Feng Ruqings face began to darken as something cold flashed in her eyes. She evaded the wind by moving aside.

Feng Ruqing was not hurt but the sword wind slashed through her robe and continued to move toward Gu Yiyi who was standing behind Feng Ruqing but could not react in time.


The gust of sword wind was chilly and suffocating. Gu Yiyi could barely breathe from the attack.

She could only stare at the gust of cold sword wind, unmovingly, as she was too fat to avoid the attack. All she could do was stare at the sword wind strike her in her pale face.

Just as the sword wind almost struck her, an arm reached out from the side and suddenly dragged Gu Yiyis fat body away from the attack. It was so close

A cold breeze was blowing at the same time, and Gu Yiyi suddenly realized that she was so frightened that her body was already covered in cold sweat.

Before Gu Yiyi recovered from the fear, Feng Ruqing held out her hand again and pulled her up from the ground. She looked coldly at those people in green robes coming from all sides.

"Who are you?" Feng Ruqing seemed expressionless as her eyes were calm. However, behind her eyes, she was burning with uncontrollable anger.

She had finally waited until the arrival of a landlords foolish daughter, but those people almost killed her before she could trick some spirit herbs from her!

"Were here to take your life!" The leader of the people in green robes sneered as his lips lifted into a scornful arch.

She was merely a princess from the secular world who, in their eyes, did not deserve so much attention from them.

"Are you people from the Divine Herbs Sect or Tian Shen Manor?" Feng Ruqing pulled Gu Yiyi behind her and protected her, steadfastly.

However, because of Gu Yiyis size, she was unable to cover her no matter how she tried.


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