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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 678

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As soon as Suyi was there, she saw the wound on Feng Ruqings arm. Her face immediately darkened. Her cold gaze swept past the group of people in green robes.

Simply no one knew why the people in green robes turn to meet Suyis eyes. They flew into a great panic and had nearly fallen on their knees.

"Qinger, dont go out alone next time. It is safer to get someone to go out together with you. You could even get some spirit beasts to keep you company. Dont get yourself hurt again." Disregarding people in green robes, Suyi walked toward Feng Ruqing and held onto her arms. Her eyes were full of anxiety.

Before Suyi could carefully examine Feng Ruqings wound, an arm reached out from the side and pulled Feng Ruqing away from Su Yi.

Stunned, Feng Ruqing fell into a warm and familiar embrace.

"Are you injured?"

The mans voice was calm as it always was. However, Feng Ruqing could feel a storm brewing within the calm voice.

"Dont worry. Its not a big deal. It will heal very soon"

"Who did this?" As if he did not hear Feng Ruqings words, Nan Xian asked nonchalantly.

"It was him!" Feng Ruqing pointed at the green-robed man before her.

"Uhm." Nan Xian loosened his grip on Feng Ruing. When he was nearing Suyi, he paused.

"Help me take care of her. Dont make a pass at her."

Suyi was rendered speechless. Was she actually a pervert in his sons mind? Moreover, it was Feng Ruqing who had always made a pass at Suyi.


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