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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 679

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"Alright." Feng Ruqing responded with a smile.

When Feng Ruqings eyes met Nan Xian, it was as if everyone around them had disappeared. Both Feng Ruqing and Nan Xian could only see each other in their eyes.

"Eldest Young Master" Jiu Mings was still sneering. However, he seemed extremely helpless and lonely, standing in the wind.

Seeing their leader falling into such a sorry state, the people in green robes were terrified. They fell on their knees and kowtowed.

"Eldest Young Master, please spare our lives. We will never do it again. Its all because of the second elder. He has instructed us to do this as he knows that you want to give Paramount to this lady"

Hearing this, Jiu Mings eyes turned cold.

"Go back and check who in Paramount had leaked information about Xiao Qinger!" Jiu Ming commanded Feng Lan who had just reached and was currently standing behind Jiu Ming.

"At your command, Young Master." Feng Lan cupped her fist respectfully.

"These people take them back to Paramount, break their feet and bring them to my second uncle!" The corner of Jiu Mings lips curved into a smile.

Jiu Ming emphasized the words Second Uncle. His wicked tone had chilled everyones heart.

All they wanted was nothing but Paramount. However, they had actually laid their hands on Feng Ruqing. They had gone too far.

"Xiao Qinger, this is all because of Paramount. I owe you an explanation." Jiu Ming turned to walk slowly toward Feng Ruqing. His eyes were full of regrets.


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