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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 681

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It seemed that Gu Shi was the only one who truly cared for Gu Yiyi.

Oh yeah the ladyFeng Ruqing

"Father, Aunt has been staying with us for such a long time, when is she moving out? I dont want to see both Aunt and An Cui again," Gu Yiyi snarled. She did not even spare a glance at Zheng Fenghua.

"Yiyi she is your mothers sister after all. Now that your mother has passed away, they are the only kin you have in this world."

"I dont care, I want them to move out of here. If they stay, I will move out. Both of them and I will never stay together!" Gu Yiyis face turned vicious. Perhaps An Cui had truly broken Gu Yiyis heart.

Burning with rage, Gu Yiyi glared at Zheng Fenghua. This time, not only was Zheng Fenghua stunned, Gu Shi was equally surprised.

Gu Shi quickly rushed over to stop Gu Yiyi from leaving. His face was ghastly pale.

"Oh dear, you are my daughter. Where you want to go if you leave here? If someone must leave, they should leave instead. I will get them out of here. I am old enough. Dont frighten me so much. I cant cope with too much anxiety."

"Brother-in-law?" Zheng Fenghuas eyes widened in shock as she turned to look at Gu Shi. She could not believe the things that she had just heard.


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