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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 680

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"Qinger, lets go. He will be able to handle it well." Nan Xian glanced in the direction where Jiu Ming had left.

As Jiu Ming was in love with Feng Ruqing, Nan Xian knew that Jiu Ming would be able to handle the matters in Paramount. If Jiu Ming failed, Nan Xian would settle it instead.

No one could remain safe and sound after hurting Qinger!


In Tian Shen Manor.

Out on the heavenly street was an ancient yet imposing manorTian Shen Manor. Different from the other forces, Tian Shen Manor was like a small realm on its own.

In other words, Tian Shen Manor was like a kingdom. There were various clans within the manor. Gu Manor was the manor master with the loftiest power not unlike the imperial court of a kingdom.

"Oh, dear! You are finally at home!" In Gu Manor, a stunning middle-aged man walked out the main hall in a spasm of rapture. He strode toward Gu Yiyi who was still walking very slowly.

As Gu Yiyi was too overweight, she was panting heavily even as she walked. Her face was covered in sweat.

"Oh dear, look at you! You have lost weight! That must be very hard for you. Oh yeah, why do you return home so soon? Did you meet Nan Xian?" Gu Shi quickly rushed over to help Gu Yiyi, his eyes filled with anxiety.

"I I think I forgot about it." Gu Yiyis face stiffened.

What had she done? She had returned home without looking for Nan Xian?


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