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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 683

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His daughter was here to claim his property?

"Also, give me all your weapons and treasures. Oh yeah, the painting in your room looks nice, give it to me too, and your bed I want all of them,"

It was said that the painting was painted by the Ninth Emperor thousands of years ago. Gu Shi had spent a lot of money buying the painting from someone else. As Gu Yiyi did not like books or paintings, she could not remember it well.

As for the bed, Gu Shi had stolen it from a great masters grave. It was said that one could enhance his strength even when he was asleep on that bed.

Gu Yiyi was thrilled with joy. She heard that Feng Ruqing was associated with Paramount. Perhaps, if she gave all these things to Paramount, she was actually giving them to Feng Ruqing.

"Father, what other treasures do you have? I have seen the pretty lady servants you took in a few days ago. I want to give them to"

"Yiyi, you can take all my spirit herbs and paintings. Why would you want to take my bed away? Where should I sleep then? That is not all, you actually want to take away my servants too?" Gu Shis face darkened.

At this very moment, Gu Yiyis eyes fell on the storage bag hanging on Gu Shis waist. Seeing Gu Yiyis eyes glued onto his storage bag, Gu Shi quickly covered the storage bag with his hands.

"Oh dear, theres nothing in my storage bag!"

Gu Shi did not know what had actually happened to his own daughter as she was not interested in any of his treasures before.

"Oh get the things that I have mentioned ready. I am leaving in a while." Gu Yiyi dropped her eyes disappointedly as she pouted.

"Yiyi, you just got home. Where do you want to go? Are you looking for Nan Xian?" Gu Shis stunning face changed.


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